FREEDOM WATCH: Feinstein Rolls Out Draconian Attack on Second Amendment

Senator Dianne Feinstein unveiled her promised attack against the Second Amendment Thursday on Capitol Hill. The legislation she has proposed following the Sandy Hook massacre last month will reinstate and significantly extend the federal ban on so-called assault weapons that expired in 2004.

“The purpose is to dry up the supply of these weapons over time,” Feinstein said. “Therefore, there is no sunset on this bill.”

Obama has vowed to sign Feinstein’s legislation if it clears significant hurdles in Congress.

Feinstein assembled an all-star cast to call for unconstitutionally rolling back the gun rights of millions of Americans. Those in attendance included senators Dick Durbin, Chuck Schumer and Rep. Carolyn McCarthy. The California lawmaker surrounded herself with “law enforcement officers, faith leaders, mayors, gun control advocates and other Democratic supporters of the bill,” according toRoll Call.

Others in attendance for their obvious theatrical value included survivors of mass shootings in Arizona, Colorado and at Virginia Tech, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter and Charles H. Ramsey, Philadelphia Police Commissioner, the Washington Post reports.

A number of Democrats not attending the media event, however, have vowed to fight the legislation.

On the chopping block are 158 specific kinds of semiautomatic firearms listed by name (see the entire list here) and others – including handguns and shotguns – with at least one specific military characteristic. In addition, the legislation will outlaw all ammunition magazines that contain more than 10 rounds.

More draconian yet, the proposed legislation will target millions of so-called assault weapons already in the hands of Americans by subjecting owners to government background checks.

A number of states reacted to Obama’s call to rollback the Second Amendment and his pledge to back anti-gun legislation introduced by Democrats in Congress.

On Wednesday, Texas freshman Rep. Steve Stockman introduced his Restore the Constitution Act in response to Obama signing a flurry of unconstitutional executive orders and actions following his anti-firearms speech last week.

Stockman’s bill would designate any executive action to be advisory only if it infringes on the constitutional duties of Congress under Article I, or the Second Amendment.

Texas, Missouri and other states have introduced legislation to block enforcement of the gun ban.

Texas Rep. John Otto (R-Dayton) filed HB553 soon after Obama’s theatrical speech exploiting children as stage props.

The bill would make it a misdemeanor for any state or federal official to “enforce or attempt to enforce any acts, laws, executive orders, agency orders, rules or regulations of any kind whatsoever of the United States government relating to confiscating any firearm, banning any firearm, limiting the size of a magazine for any firearm, imposing any limit on the ammunition that may be purchased for any firearm, taxing any firearm or ammunition therefore, or requiring the registration of any firearm or ammunition therefore.” IW



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  1. Carlos Helms says:

    Hmph. What about the states where the guns aren’t registered? In MT, for instance, all that’s required upon purchase re: firearm type, is “long gun” or “short gun.” So…all the info that’s attached to a purchaser is it’s either a pistol…or rifle/shotgun. Period.

    Oh well. In case anyone’s reading this: none of my “stuff” is on your list. I guess bazookas, mortars, howitzers, and stinger missiles are good-to-go.

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