BREAKING NEWS: United States Demands Israel Prepare to go to War with Syria

Of IDF attack aircraft. Illustration (Photo: Flash 90)
U.S demands that Israel  prepare for war with Syria. We emphasize that this is the first time in many years there was a meeting of the highest levels of the military – the American security – Israeli, American serious allegations against the IDF, that the IDF is not taking seriously the danger of Syrian chemical weapons attack on Israel, and not made for it. More


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7 Responses to BREAKING NEWS: United States Demands Israel Prepare to go to War with Syria

  1. wasari kimtai francis says:

    israel and syria can fight In any form, there is nothing we can do as the gentiles, who we are saved through the grace and mercy of jesus christ, through the news thar paul brought to us, so what we are waiting is our lord jesus to take us, let us mind that our names are written in the book of the lamb of God, Amen!!!!.

  2. It appears that this administrarion is bent on creating a crisis some where so that they can follow thru with their Agenda for this country from somewhere. Twice the last week, i have heard comments on the possible pre-Rapture, pre Tribulation war concerning Israel and her nieghbors as seen in Psalm 83.

  3. Mazoa says:

    it seems we are in the end time

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