350 Florida garbage truck drivers trained to snitch on citizens

They troll streets in the wee hours, they know the neighborhoods and they know when something’s amiss. And now they want you to know, the garbage man has got your back. With the support and blessing of several local police departments and the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, Waste Management trained 200 drivers Wednesday morning to be active in calling authorities when they witness crimes or suspicious activity. The training is part of Waste Management’s company-wide program called Waste Watch that operates much like neighborhood watches throughout the country. “Because they’re in the neighborhoods twice a week, they know what belongs there,” said Sheriff Ric Bradshaw. “It’s all about getting people to report things that are suspicious.” Bradshaw’s last proposal in the watch-thy-neighbor vein drew a bit of backlash recently. More



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One Response to 350 Florida garbage truck drivers trained to snitch on citizens

  1. Vickie says:

    This is one of those times where no one really knows what to think. This COULD be a good thing, and it COULD save lives, AND the biggest question is, will these garbage truck drivers be LIABLE if they don’t see anything, and people get harmed. This opens up some cans of worms, doesn’t it? No one should rely on this program to save them in case of an emergency. Don’t give up the ADT yet. I’d give it a thumbs up just as an additional layer of protection, but would not want this to become a snitching service either. So, can we trust the people who actually laid the groundwork for this program? We don’t need another IRS in the trash business.

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