Foreign troops and armored vehicles spotted in America’s New Hampshire, Florida, and West Virginia

As Nashua, NH, residents witness armored vehicles patrolling the streets of their usually peaceful town, blogger Pamela Rae Schuffert reports getting numerous phone calls from West Virginia, Florida, and Georgia regarding military transport jets landing in numerous cities across the country. Is America preparing for a military operation within its borders? Today, the New Hampshire Tea Party Coalition released the photos of an armored vehicle and the accompanying helmeted personnel riding with them in an area of Nashua. Judging by the stamp on the photos, these were taken late Friday morning, May 17, by the city resident who the NHTPC claim to know personally. NHTPS also reported a local resident calling the Nashua Police Department to get some answers as to who these individuals were and why they were roaming the streets in this armored tank-like vehicle. The concerned citizen did not get any conclusive answers to his questions. In the meanwhile, blogger Pamela Rae Schuffert claims she was getting numerous calls from West Virginia, Jacksonville, and Camp Atterbury regarding unusually heavy air-traffic in those regions. People reported seeing huge military transport jets landing in military bases all over the country. “Just had a phone call from a man in Jacksonville Florida who lives right on the flight path of the Naval Air station there who advised that starting early yesterday morning there has been a constant flow of huge unmarked military transport planes landing non-stop since. He thinks they’re C130′s and C17′s. He said he’s never in all the years there seen more than a dozen per day. These jets are silver and plain, no tail markings”, writes Schuffert in her blog. ”I had several high level militia members call me with Intel which confirmed on UN soldiers being flown into Indiana on 130’s and C17’s, being issued US army name tapes and ranks, and being put under order of DHS on top of that multiple armed swat raids being led by IRS in Texas, Florida, Mississippi and Georgia,” she continues. Schuffert also adds that when soldiers ask their military command about incoming flights, they are told “you did not see what you thought you saw”. At this point, one might only wonder why the US flies in foreign troops and puts heavily armored vehicles on the streets without making any formal announcements on the issue. Are these developments a part of US police militarization campaign or does US prepare for a civil war? Schuffert suggests foreign troops and armored vehicles can soon be used under martial law in the US. “The reason is,” she writes, “that under martial law, the foreign troops will perform the dirty work that US troops don’t really want to do against their fellow Americans.” Source



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44 Responses to Foreign troops and armored vehicles spotted in America’s New Hampshire, Florida, and West Virginia

  1. jim says:

    30-40 military hummers and trucks spotted in Grantam Nh fri afternoon! 6/14/13
    Any ideas?

    • G. Roberts says:

      Once, Americans defeated the most powerful nation on earth and won independance, pretty much over 1% of what’s being done to you now. You had a major revolt over a tax on your Earl Grey. You shame the blood of your fathers.

  2. Ralph says:

    That’s a Lenco armored vehicle.
    Now, the fact that it says Nashua PD Swat on the side shouldn’t fool you.
    It is, without a doubt, the vanguard of the Russkie invasion fleet.

    Or possible Lenco vehicles are very popular in several city’s across the country and the ignorant fools who publish non sense like this don’t know how to look this up,, and apparently can read (I’m sure part of the secret plan is painting Nashua Police on the side) or perhaps it’d the state issued NH Police license plate that gives it away.

    It’s not the invaders but the Paranoia that may destroy ya

  3. G. Roberts says:

    Blogs and forums have special cyber units assigned to them to debunk any real intel and disrupt any unification of the citizens. Your forum is full of agents.

  4. Lori Burdette says:

    All I can say, if it is true or not,
    you better be right with our maker, The Lord Jesus christ

  5. CLMAZ says:

    I live near Davis-Monthon AFB in Tucson. See planes flying to and from the base all the time. Some are small jets. Others are heavier planes that seem to be even heavier than normal. Can’t draw any conclusions from that. But if the govt has plans to “corral the people” using military, they would have to bring in outsiders. I don’t believe that the US troops would actually rise up against their own, since they took oaths to defend us. But a military operated by outside personnel, given orders by the UN….. that’s a different matter. Those soldiers have no loyalty to Americans. But one pic isn’t sufficient to cause concern, since no one can really verify the photo has not been shopped. We need to see video, acknowledged by someone more reliable than “my cousin Joe’s best friend’s neighbor who’s married to the secretary of the doctor who works at the office down the street from where this photo was taken.” Until you have reliable verification that can hold up under close scrutiny, I’d suggest that you don’t try to stir up trouble. Karma will come back and bite your tush. We have enough real stuff going on. We don’t need people jumping at shadows, because someone put out an unverified photo of a possible “invasion” by foreign forces.

    • Karen says:

      How about a video…. Published on Jan 29, 2013

      Following reports of a military exercise occurring in Miami this week, KTRK-TV shot video of military-style helicopters roaming the skies in Houston, Texas. There have also been several reports of gunfire in the area.

      The U.S. Army tells KTRK-TV that they are overseeing a “multi-agency training drill” at the old Carnegie High School on Houston’s south side. There were reportedly armed men in fatigues, a lot of firearms and what many believed were real live rounds.

      The Army did not give any additional details regarding what the training is all about or why it is being conducted in Houston.
      One local resident, Frances Jerrals, didn’t understand what was happening when she saw military helicopters flying over her southeast Houston neighborhood.

      “When you see this, you think the worst. When you hear this, you think the worst,” Jerrals told KTRK-TV.

      “I felt like I was in a war zone…It was nonstop. I was terrified,” she added.

      Another resident said the Army should do a better job of alerting the locals before they conduct such an alarming training drill.

      A statement from police in Miami-Dade County argued the training exercise in Miami was “routine” and “designed to ensure the military’s ability to operate in urban environments, prepare forces for upcoming overseas deployments and meet mandatory certification requirement.”

  6. Anonymous says:

    RIDICULOUS ! Stop working people up over nothing. Enough of the “Sky is falling” naysayers. Besides, America so armed it would be suicide for any force to enter.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I think the rumbling boom is in your head! This country does some really stupid things at times but in no way would risk a total blood bath with foreign troops here. I really dont know what life would be like always dreaming up the shit some of you people dream up. Must really be scary in your bedroom at night with the lights out?

    • Joe F. Stallucci says:

      I sleep well, knowing the simplicities of the human body makes myself equal to mine adversaries. Knowing there is nothing to loose but more to gain; gives an extra incentive.

  8. Watcher says:

    I didn’t say they were landing at Lemoore, I just described the flight path. Today has been especially busy with numerous supersonic flyovers way too high to hear anything but the rumbling booms.

  9. Meagan says:

    Whether you agree that these type drills mean the govt is planning to use the military against its citizens, it can’t be denied that urban operation exercises have increased, especially since 2011.

    Army drill scares residents on Houston’s south side

    Black Hawks Used In Military Training Exercise In Miami

    Military conducts urban warfare exercises in Chicago area

  10. Rich Horvath says:

    I need to see it from more than one source…But good to be on guard

  11. Anonymous says:

    Maybe your an idiot??

  12. Anonymous says:

    maybe the people who says this is not true maybe they are working for the Gov to keep us off gaurd to whats really going on. While in the mean time they are building up. Who can you trust I know its not the Gov.

  13. I live near Lemoore Naval base in Kommiefornia and there is no more activity than usual. Their flight plan is always over my house and the activity is normal and quite. Believe me if there are any changes my military contacts would let me know ASAP for my father was in the service for 33 years and we have many, many contacts. But it’s always best to be prepared for anything as I am geared up and ready to go. God Bless America, Amen!

  14. stephen cramer says:

    This has also been covered by the announcements last week that informed everyone THAT THERE WILL BE MANY MILITARY TYPE PRACTICE EXERCISES GOING ON THROUGH-OUT THE COUNTRY FOR THE NEXT COUPLE WEEKS …OR MONTHS! People have you forgotten? None-the-less – the question is WHY? It is all very sneaky & a real threat, just like those Tornado’s that swept thru OKLAHOMA… I’ve been in nearly a hundred Tornado’s & was never so concerned as I am now for this Country we call HOME! Best be prepared either way! Shalom!

    • joyce says:

      how r u prepared and ready to go? Please tell me so I can also be. This may or may not b true but I am NOT liking what is going on with this president or our government this past year.

  15. CC says:

    People will be in denial until the troops show up at thier doorsteps then they will insist they came for tea and crumpets. WAKE UP!

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  17. Melwhimsy says:

    I live near there in NH… this is real. Why are some of you acting so surprised? Have you not read the many reports of the DHS buying many of these tanks, plus ammunition? They aren’t buying them to keep them in warehouses, people. They are preparing for something. Same thing with the BlackHawk drills.

    We all have a choice to either accept what is heading our way or deny it. Unfortunately, denial won’t change things and it won’t make anything easier for those of us who are keeping our eyes open and preparing as much as we can.

    You may not have seen these tanks around your town- yet. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t out.

    Will you be prepared for martial law- or will you be one of the panicked citizens screaming in the street?

    • OMG, this is really dumb that people really buy this BS.

      • Anonymous says:

        The dumb comes in when you refuse to believe something and it takes you by surprise when you find out it’s true. Blind denial is dumb – listening, being observant and prepared, and evaluating for yourself is a lot more intelligent than claiming to know EVERYTHING that goes on EVERYWHERE – or doesn’t go on, in your opinion.

  18. Cindy Dickerson says:

    What does that even mean???

  19. LieDetector says:

    I love how all the lies are posted on here by “Anonymous” people lol. Some people just need to get a life

  20. Anonymous says:

    There will be a lot off blue helmets lying in the streets.

  21. test says:

    Report says, “Pamela Rae Schuffert reports getting numerous phone calls from West Virginia, Florida, and Georgia regarding military transport jets landing in numerous cities across the country.” AND HOW DO ALL THESE PEOPLE KNOW TO CALL HER WHEN THEY SEE TRANSPORT JETS? Biggest bunch of BS I ever heard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Yesterday 21May2013 i witnessed 5 CH-53 Sea Stallion’s Over the East end on the lehigh Valley in pennsylvania.. and last week there were 12 flat bed Tractor trailers carrying MRAP’s on there going up the highway 33NB

  23. Joe Walsh says:

    Dang RUPrepared yet? Wake up and smell the Coffee Friends.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I guess people don’t realize one of the most fortified positions in the world is in WV…maybe someone important came in….

  25. Watcher says:

    It’s happening on the West Coast too. Haven’t spotted ground forces, but I live 1/2 way between Edwards & Lemoore AFB’s & traffic has been very high. Small squadrons of fighters go over several times daily, as opposed to monthly historically. We’re getting 1-3 large transports a day when we used to hear them 2-3 times a year. It started 2-3 weeks ago, figured we were ramping up for the Middle East :/

  26. RealRealBoomBoom says:

    There has to be more confirmation and more photos. If you don’t have this, then your article is useless. Let’s produce more facts and then we can determine what action to take.

  27. Anonymous says:

    I live on farmland in WV i have witnessed BlackHawks flying over our fields for at least 3 days…Mainstream media is just prefabricated LIES claiming to be NEWS and with my creditable news and information sources I have been aware of their (political tyrants) preparation for years now. Look back and it all makes sense, domino effect…But dont worry Anonymous as well as others are in place and ready to do what is necessary in order to protect our FREEDOMS…We are everyone and We are No one, United as One, Divided by None…..We are Everywhere…EXPECT US

  28. Anonymous says:

    I seen one those vehicles the other day here in Florida

  29. Anonymous says:

    I know things are not right , but we need to see video. One photo really ?

  30. blondie says:

    not true! l live in fla and l have never seen any such thing and my husband and l travel and have never witnessed any such thing anywhere. why would you post such lies? Why do u want to get people worried and upset over lies? People please have a mind of your own and stop following and believing such bull online. Believe your own eyes, not what someone online wants you to believe.

  31. Deanna says:

    I read this article to my husband…..why he don’t believe ???? Lord Have Mercy!!!!

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