Another Journalist Dies after Exposing Big Gov Extremes: Michael Hastings Mercedes “Jack-Knifed” on LA Freeway

Journalist Michael Hastings was killed early Tuesday morning in a bizarre car incident in Los Angeles. Hastings, 33, was best known for writing the Rolling Stone story that ended in Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s resignation as head of U.S. forces in Afghanistan.  Hastings’ final story, “Why Democrats Love to Spy on Americans,” was a searing take on the NSA snooping scandal, which Hastings described as “North Korea-esque.” Hastings pulled no punches as he linked the NSA scandal to the Department of Justice’s spying on reporters and the IRS abuse scandal. Hastings built a case that the same Democrats who turned Bush-era anti-terrorism techniques into wedge issues that helped them capture Congress and the White House in 2006 and 2008 were now defending much worse and more widespread spying on American citizens by the Obama administration. [J]udging by the DOJ’s and FBI’s recent history, it would seem that any new leak case would involve obtaining the phone records of reporters at the Guardian, the Washington Post, employees at various agencies who would have had access to the leaked material, as well as politicians and staffers in Congress—records, we now can safely posit, they already have unchecked and full access to.   A witness said his car “suddenly jackknifed” before crossing the median and hitting a tree, causing a ferocious explosion that reportedly threw the engine block of the brand new Mercedes Hastings was driving 30 or 40 yards from the car.”  “It sounded like a bomb went off in the middle of the night,” another witness told the TV station. “The house shook, my windows were rattling.” Source



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119 Responses to Another Journalist Dies after Exposing Big Gov Extremes: Michael Hastings Mercedes “Jack-Knifed” on LA Freeway

  1. By the engine ejecting would insure that the driver got HIT upon front end collision impact.

  2. Casey Duke says:

    At least we have a real conspiracy to think about for a change. No more 9-11, Kennedy assassination, bigfoot, Obama is the anti-christ, chem-trail conspiracies please

  3. outofthebox says:

    Not that I don’t doubt the story is bizarre to say the least, but I do recall speaking to a Mercedes Dealer recently and a new feature some of the cars now come with is that the engine will drop on impact. So since I didn’t read this whole story, not sure exactly where the engine was found as compared to the rest of the vehicle, but perhaps the engine dropping was exaggerated into it being ejected when in fact it dropped and maybe the high speed (if he was speeding) caused it to drop and bounce off of the tree. Who knows, that’s just my thought.

  4. Warren Osborn says:

    Let me know if you really ever get enough so that you are willing to take a stand and do more than say you are fed up. Prove it!

    • Warren Osborn says:

      Let me know if you really ever get enough so that you are willing to take a stand and do more than say you are fed up. Prove it!

  5. Jack says:


  6. jamie says:

    I have read enough replies to know this. Michael Hastings died for the American People. His death can not go unnoticed. We must post this article or email it to everyone we know. RIP Michael Hastings. Your death will not be in vain.

  7. Shoulda said “fish-tailed”, not “jack-knifed”. Highland Ave is NOT a “freeway”. Michael was murdered.

  8. A benz…….one the most safest auto in the world………..hmmm
    Sheeple….take two….it’s a rap.

  9. Anonymous says:

    so what do you guys think? Car bomb or drone strike?

  10. Conform
    Nothing to see here.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I heard on the news he was driving over 100 miles an hour on Highland near Melrose. I haven’t been down to L.A. for awhile but I know “the streets never sleep” and that us usually a pretty heavy traffic area. I can’t imagine anyone purposely driving that fast. And don”t forget Steve Bridges, the Obama impersonator who suddenly died of “natural causes” Quoting an article “The Administration has tried to put a stop to Bridges’ act because Obama has made it known that he is deeply offended”. And then there was Donald Young, Obama’s alleged gay lover, is said to have been murdered to cover up an affair between the two.” If you have never read the book “Shadow Government” by Grant R. Jeffrey go on Amazon and buy it. Lots of interesting info about how our government “takes care of people/situations”.

  12. Anonymous says:

    this was not an accident!

  13. Angel says:

    OK everyone! How many of you who have read this article actually think this was a real ACCIDENT? You can’t screw with the government or have freedom of speech without having a personal guard what over your cars safety and your home. This was no accident! Someone wanted to shut him up and they did! Hmmm guess who probably ordered it? You don’t even have to go to the polls any more because it is all determined way ahead of you casting your vote. How do you think the same idiots keep getting into office. Our votes are worthless and if you think this is an exaggeration then you are part of the problem instead of part of the solution.
    Actually now that as Obama has announced to the world that America is no longer a Christian country and that he would fix things so he can run for a 3rd term Hmmmm stand up and let us count you if you do not believe this. Thank all of you brainless idiots who have voted for him!
    Welcome to our “Dictator” he is going about things just like Hitler did and now that the train has left the station I doubt that it can be stopped.

    • YRofTexas says:

      @ Angel…sadly, I believe you are right. Question: Did Obama truly mention running for a 3rd term…I expect his highness to say we are not a Christian country anymore…thats a given considering who HE is…
      Q: Did he mention a 3rd term???? This I gotta know!!!

  14. YRofTexas says:

    This is my theory: (provided nothing biological is found attributing to his driving)
    The timing chain had been tampered with. This caused the unexpected veering of the vehicle. When the timing chain breaks, it is nearly impossible to steer, since typically the drive shaft is forced into the engine, rendering the vehicle impotent. Perhaps there was a minor trigger to set that in place.
    Then when the vehicle were to strike an object, the second explosive device is triggered; hence the massive explosion. This was to cover up what biological evidence may remain.
    Don’t think anyone is immune to the evil hearts of men. If murder happens in family members, and goes without justice…how then can we be surprised when someone just doing their job is snuffed out?
    The only way I can emotionally handle the circus that has been going about since post 9/11 is the fact that God is in control; His justice is perfect; His justice is eternal; His justice knows the hearts of men. I can sleep at night.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Cars don’t “jack-knife”..just sayin…

  16. JD says:


  17. Anonymous says:

    Maybe it was one of those Jack knife Drone Missle…….Humm…..Just Say’in

  18. Anonymous says:

    NASCAR drivers also don’t drive over poor streets, lousy suspension, drive over fire hydrants, curbs, and hit trees.

    At the right velocity, the motor mounts being severed, frame compromised, etc. it’s definitely possible the motor could become unseated and ejected.

    If you bothered to watch the 1st video, you clearly see him speeding.

    If you bothered to watch the 2nd video, you can see the scene of the accident as well as listen to the witness.

    Sometimes there isn’t a conspiracy. Quit giving us a bad rep.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Think about it…NASCAR accidents when the cars are traveling 180+ Mph don’t self destruct like this car. No way this was an accident. I too would like to see a report from Mercedes providing the Gov doesn’t influence the report.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I was wondering about how the transmission was able to be ejected so far, but perhaps when he took out the fire-hydrant that strong steel piece somehow tore up the underneath of his Mercedes and latched onto something to help yank it out under extreme velocity.

    I don’t think there was foul play here, just tragedy.

    The witness with his limited English also seems to indicate that as well.

  21. Anonymous says:

    If you’ll notice in the first video it captures him speeding. How fast exactly, not sure but someone can figure it out who’s a video wiz. He was on public street, not a fwy., went past the intersection, and from the sound of it (based on the witness) he took the dip way too fast, bottom of the car hit the ground and he lost control. Sad to see him go though, we could use more reporters like him.

  22. Anonymous says:

  23. fiatq says:

    What a weird story! I’ve never heard of a democrat driving a Mercedes before…

    • virgil havice says:

      i think all journalists take risks whistle blowing ..the arian nation killed a prison warden and his wife recently from the inside posse to the outer ones , sona loma , ms 13 , other factions of anrchists type outlaws are also suspect ..if anybody messes with jess , there is gonna be a mess ..their motto ..they will kill for sport..some are white boyz with an attitude , others are just fukkin crazzeee mfrs …god bless him n his family ..corruption starts at the top ..screw the suits in dc of them dems and republicans

    • carloshelms says:

      You’re right! If they own one, it’s chauffuer-driven.

      99% of the Dems top-out at Subarus or ’84 Mercurys…but vote for the Progressive multi-gazilionaires who employ Republicans for their protective details.

  24. Ken says:

    Partial List from US Intelligent Agents who will testify with evidence of Hillary and Bill Clinton’s murders.

    Just a quick refresher course lest we forget what has happened to many “friends” of the Clintons .

    For those who don’t think this is suspicious or not possible for our cough cough, government, to do something like this, View the following page about the Hillary staffers and naysayers. Copy this info for it will soon be removed as people catch on more.

    47 people dead with suspicious answers

  25. Anonymous says:

    Although I can not speak of the logistics, I can look to the past, ancient and especially recent history and events & in a subjective speculation say “I believe it was not an accident”, & feel as accurate as if I had the entire story, was a witness, and saw blueprints. I know pretty cynical and not the way to actually analyze/research, I really feel that much disinformation is given so regularly, that I’m correct. Still not researched, but my point is probably understood.

    • carloshelms says:

      Why believe anything at all?

      I don’t “witness” all that much.

      Back to the cave…

  26. Mike Butler says:

    Curiouser and curiouser….

  27. Russell S Eckley says:

    I seem to remember something about a brand of car that is designed such that the engine is pushed down under the cockpit in a front collision.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Be careful if you speak about it to much , freak accidents seem to happen

  29. patti g says:

    There is definitely something pretty serious that is worth killing to hide. From Benghazi and general stepping down, to the seal team that died in a 1962!! helicopter, witnesses afraid to come forward in fear, this war on it’s on people. This is insane that we can’t bring justice to those behind all this. What gives them so much power?

  30. Pilot says:

    Around 1987 I was one of the first to come upon an accident where a large Oldsmobile hit a Honda Civic. The Honda looked pretty much intact except the hood was open and the engine was laying about 100 feet away. Both windows were open and the two occupants were laying about 10 feet from either side of the car. Oldsmobile was practically untouched.
    Fox News reported Thursday morning, 6-20-13 the reporter’s car was seen driving at high speed. It may be possible that to miss hitting the oncoming palm tree the driver turned the wheel hard over causing the SUV to roll onto its side and hit the tree with the top of the roof wrapping the car around the tree making it look like it jack-knifed. With the vehicle rolled on its side 90 degrees and coming to a very sudden stop the engine could have been thrown out through the hood.
    Many of the comments assume the vehicle hit the tree head-on in a level attitude. More photos need to be seen to see the rest of the vehicle’s position at impact with the tree.

  31. Bill Hager says:

    the tree was not hurt at all

  32. idahotater says:

    It appears that Obozo had a good teacher. Hillary’s gang.

  33. Fred Ralston says:

    I bet it’s all on the Black Box.They will download the the whole wreck.How would you like to have to watch the wreck as it happened? Wow.

  34. Anonymous says:

    This harkens to the “mysterious” deaths in the Seal Team that “killed” Bin Laden. “Fundamentally transform” has significant undertones.

  35. Cecile says:

    I watched the video of the crash site, any person with any understanding of explosions would be able to see a very clear fact. Debris from the engine, in fact a very large part of the engine was left on the road about 100 feet from where the car ended up. The trailing fluids towards the crash were evident. Forensically, that tells us the engine came out of the car before the crash. You could see from the image that parts of the engine had blown apart. Leave one wondering on the official story.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Hey A.M. This did happen in Hollywood !!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  37. Anonymous says:

    hey AM.this was in Hollywood.LOL

  38. Don’t mess with the plans of the POTUS. If you do, strange deaths happen.

  39. Anonymous says:

    isn’t it suspicious that the seal team has all been killed off, there is more dear john letters from the nsa, prism has a couple people on the run, and now there killing off reporters….this is no accident, cars don’t jack knife, and the explosion would not rock windows if it was a gas explosion it simply is murder from a treasonous government. with the spys that are now a personal army from the cia

  40. A. M. says:

    Probably sounded like a bomb going off because it was one. Cars DON’T ‘explode’ except in hollywood!!

  41. Anonymous says:

    Cars don’t blow transmissions and motors out of them…. Ask any insurance agent and they will tell you that for an engine and trans to be on the ground like that, you would have to have hit a freight train. It sounds very fishy…

  42. Cindy Smith says:

    I remember Princess Diana was in a Mercedes that hit a concrete pillar while going at a high rate of speed, yet the engine did not eject. What makes the engine fly out like that?

  43. Anon says:

    That’s how they killed John Noveske.

  44. auto man! says:

    notice the gearbox mounts? the cast alloy holes are still there in tact. with no bolts in them. they usually have high tensile bolts mounting them to the cross member. those high tensile bolts would have easily broken those tiny cast alloy holes before they would break the bolts. so these bolts must have been removed before the accident. if anyone can explain how you would break free high tensile bolts from a small cast alloy hole like that without breaking them off, is better with their engineering knowledge than me. i hope there is an independent mechanical check on that previously perfectly manufactured vehicle! Id be getting mercedes to check that one for themselves, as im sure they wouldnt want people thinking they send their cars out with no gearbox mounts! i just tried to post this but didnt post. sorry if it comes up twice!

  45. Anonymous says:

    do you notice the gearbox mounts ? the holes are still there in tact, with no bolts in them, and havent been torn off. now that gearbox mount is cast alloy, and high tensile bolts are used to attach them to the cross member!. the high tensile bolts would have broken the cast alloy hole away from the box before they broke! so theres one point. gearbox mounts were obviously removed before the accident. i call for an independent check for mechanical faults or tampering! i hope there is one! .

  46. Anonymous says:

    Cars don’t jackknife. Makes for a good conspiracy theory, though. A tragedy, to be sure. But I think we all recognize these right wing theories for what they are, especially since that unfounded theory with the Clintons. Wonder what they’ll come up with for the next Democrat president!

    • carloshelms says:

      Oh…not so “unfounded.” Just because the Leftist propaganda-machine doesn’t cover it, doesn’t mean it’s “unfounded.” The mysterious deaths of 34 “associates” stretches the concept of coincidence, doesn’t it?

      I’m not one to be “conspiratorial.” I just find the lengths that people go to explain away mind-boggling “coincidences” fascinating.

  47. Anonymous says:

    you just keep thinking it was just an accident … an engine went flying out of the car … just an accident …

  48. Chris says:

    whats up with this photo? the engine looks old and greasy, does not look like it came from a new mercedes.

  49. Avastye says:

    I was reading about this same incident on other news outlets. He jack-knifed around a tree. That’s how a car can jack-knife. It was at 4:15am. Is it possible he fell asleep at the wheel, and it isn’t some grand conspiracy? Just sayin’.

  50. Dman says:

    Read the comments and theories about the “accident.”
    Mercedes has on board a most sophisticated computer ,and in fact the car can almost drive itself.Why not just hack into the computer system ,get the car going top speed ,and ram it into a tree.This would account for jack-knife term being used ,the loud bomb like noise as the car literally explodes due to impact AND ejecting the engine, and leave the impression of a driver error accident. I think a math professor could easily prove the car was maxed out and was likely running red line when the impact occurred .The on board computer system destroyed,unless of course Mercedes has a black box like airplanes do.

  51. Guru says:

    Hmmm, I have a 1995 Mercedes W140 S class with electronic stability control (ESP). In a couple of emergency situations, and a couple of times when my driving was less than ideal, the car always remains very stable and controllable. The only car I’ve never been able to crash despite my lousy driving. So a Mercedes 18 years newer just spins off the road and smashes to bits for no apparent reason. Right.

  52. Blackeagle says:

    It probably sounded like a bomb going off because it WAS a bomb going off..

  53. Charles says:

    “JACKKNIFE” IN A CAR? IMPOSSIBLE. The witness had to have misspoke. Jackknife refers to a vehicle like a Tractor truck or SUV RV towing a trailer . The account does describe an explosion which could suggest an assassination possibly. Many such people have met their demise over the past few years in weird circumstances. I am concerned about these type things, Not exactly how true but, statistics are mounting.

  54. Looks like a staged asault. Engines dont come out of cars like that UNLESS somebody had a hayday loosening nuts and bolts on everything in steering and drivetrain.

  55. Max Morris says:

    Well, thanks to the gay vote, the free shit vote, and the Amnesty illegal vote, they did just make the NDAA legal to kill Americans they felt were hostile.

  56. I am NOT buying it! A jackknife only happens with tractor trailers. This wreaks BIG time. My prayers go out to his family.

  57. sharonkramer says:

    The accident did not occur on a freeway. It was main street in Hollywood. Tragic loss for the public that one who dared to write the unfiltered truth is now gone. Condolences to his family and friends.

  58. adabob says:

    Right, the transmission and engine are ejected when you hit a tree? Don’t believe it, especially being one of the safest cars in the world. Sounds more like an explosion and then the vehicle hit a tree.

  59. anonymous angel says:

    I wonder if there were any drones in the area???? Pondering?????

  60. Anonymous says:

    I live in the neighborhood where the crash occurred. It was simply a case of crashing into a huge palm tree at high speed.

  61. anon says:

    that brand new Mercedes had remote control it

  62. Anonymous says:

    A jack-knife occures when a vehicle and its trailer are turned against each other sharp enough they make contact in places other than where they are joined (the ball hitch), this typically reaults in damage and occasionally loss of control. The last time i saw a vehicles engine ejected was in a video clip of a company running big-rigs at top speed into “k-rail” style concrete road barriers. This could not have happened at even high freeway speeds without the vehicle being carefully modified or assisted to do so. The explosives and or sabotage needed to throw an engine from a car is far greater than what would be reqiured to kill its occupants. This “accident” was engineered. Someone went to far greater than necessary measures to ensure that this man’s life would end.

    • Anonymous says:

      Reposting this response now

    • Doni Juarez says:

      I think I replied in the wrong spot, so I am reposting this.
      Anonymous, you got every aspect of that absolutely correct. I was just skimming down the threads, getting ready to state those facts as well. Thank you for telling it like it is!

  63. ReaganAdams says:

    WOW … just wow. I am afraid to say more …. HONESTLY.

    • Doni Juarez says:

      Anonymous, you got every aspect of that absolutely correct. I was just skimming down the threads, getting ready to state those facts as well. Thank you for telling it like it is!

  64. ms says:

    I bet Mercedes would love to see that car and all its pieces

  65. amakatura says:

    This doesn’t sound like just an accident!! How could that really be a ‘freak accident’?? What a coincidence!! Sketchy story!

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  67. Katy G says:

    How does a car jack knife?

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m wondering the same thing! Aren’t there usually a semi + trailer for a jackknife? Or at least two pieces. Not just a car….

    • neyeout4u says:

      they can’t

    • TerryLee Renner says:

      It doesn’t. It’s either a misnomer or a description more fitting of the daily tonnage of articles filled to-the-gills with typo’s and syntax errors I have come to accept as the norm from people whose job it is to properly use the English language to communicate without deferring to spell-check without a second glance. I can, on any given day, find at least six of these errors on the front page alone.

      • lavender880 says:

        A better term would have been “fish-tailed” or “swerved.” You have to be going pretty fast for any of them to happen…and usually going into a turn…sounds very fishy.

      • 1955marine says:

        While not commonly used, jackknife also means to radically change direction or path. I have heard it used in football as in go to the 30 yard line and jackknife to the right. so the use of the word jackknife doesn’t bother me, It’s all the other bullshit that bothers me. It requires tremendous energy to dislodge an engine from a vehicle. Someone has splaining to do Lucy! And I don’t think it’s Mercedes Benz. But wait, we don’t get answers from government anymore. Nothing to see here, just move along.

    • Bittachon says:

      I wish I knew how a car can jackknife. It must be quite a sight.

    • Anonymous says:

      I was wondering the same thing. I wonder if Mel Gibson was driving a cab close by for this conspiracy therory?

    • Dawn Poe says:

      They don’t jack knife, that’s the problem…

  68. C Graham says:

    Yea, isn’t that strange. He died in a freak accident.

  69. Anonymous says:

    Hmm who’d thought the government would do that. Those who think they didn’t better think again.

  70. carloshelms says:

    Isn’t that strange?

    Andrew Breitbart and now…

    How very strange.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, It does sound Fishy!!!!To say the least!

    • I just got here, but has anyone wondered about Tim Russert? He was the one real journalist left on the mainstream media. I believe her probably leaned left, but he was pretty fair and asked pointed questions. He was not one of the sychophants, and he was so well respected they really couldn’t destroy him. So he suddenly drops dead right as Obama was going into full campaign mode. I’ve always wondered.

      • carloshelms says:

        Good point!

        Ya just never know what an investigative reporter has found out and is about to break.

        “Chicage Style” ain’t just a pizza-pie.

      • Anonymous says:

        Dear Anonymous—just letting you know they are watching, EVERYTHING. You are never ANONYMOUS, you have an IP address and every keystroke can and probably is, recorded and electronically interrogated for so called “Terrorist Content”. The term TERRORIST is defined by the Gov’t as anything or anyone that opposes our Gov’t and their practices. Just sayin!

  71. Sounds like a murder to me.

    • NDW says:

      Everybody knows that when a car hits a tree it explodes like a bomb. We’ve seen it in the movies a hundred times. (sarcasm) This admin will do anything to see that Obamas “plan” to “fundamentally change America” comes to fruition. It seems the majority of OUR representatives as well as the supreme court are also on board. Otherwise the lies, coruption and cover-ups would not be tolerated.

    • matt says:

      shades of Silkwood

    • Dawn Poe says:

      NDW…Cars “”don’t JACK-KNIFE””….. Semi + trailer’s JACK KNIFE….WAKE UP GEEZZE..THIS GUY WAS MURDERED.. And yes “”some”” cars explode DEPENDING ON WHERE THEY HIT IE GAS TANK AREA..THIS CAR HIT HEAD ON IDIOT..The last time i saw a vehicles engine ejected was in a video clip of a company running big-rigs at top speed into “k-rail” style concrete road barriers. This could not have happened at even high freeway speeds without the vehicle being carefully modified or assisted to do so. The explosives and or sabotage needed to throw an engine from a car is far greater than what would be required to kill its occupants. This “accident” was engineered. Someone went to far greater than necessary measures to ensure that this man’s life would end…It probably sounded like a bomb going off because it WAS a bomb going off..I remember Princess Diana was in a Mercedes that hit a concrete pillar while going at a high rate of speed, yet the engine did not eject.

    • …..i was in a car crash where we slid into a telephone pole and knocked it down without exploding…..i guess i’ll never get on tv or in the movies with a non exploding car. 😛

    • Kurtis says:

      !00% correct. He was driving a Mercedes arguably safest car on the highway. The fact that the engine came out and landed that far sounds like the motor mount bolts was removed or possibly a small bomb.But the loss of control sounds like motor came loose pulling on throttle cable and pushing against steering column.

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