At the Very Least, Your Days of Eating Pacific Ocean Fish Are Over

The heart-breaking news from Fukushima just keeps getting worse…a LOT worse…it is, quite simply, an out-of-control flow of death and destruction. TEPCO is finally admitting that radiation has been leaking to the Pacific Ocean all along. and it’s NOT over…. I find myself moving between the emotions of sorrow and anger. It now appears that anywhere from 300 to possibly over 450 tons of contaminated water that contains radioactive iodone, cesium, and strontium-89 and 90, is flooding into the Pacific Ocean from the Fukushima Daichi site everyday. To give you an idea of how bad that actually is, Japanese experts estimate Fukushima’s fallout at 20-30 times as high as as the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombings in 1945 There’s a lot you’re not being told. Oh, the information is out there, but you have to dig pretty deep to find it, and you won’t find it on the corporate-owned evening news.

  • An MSNBC article in April of 2012 reported that seals and polar bears were found to have “external maladies” that consisted of fur loss and open sores, obvious signs of radiation burns from the Fukushima meltdown, despite the conclusions of the article.
  • Fukushima radiation appears to be causing an epidemic of dead and starving Sea Lions in California and the FDA has refused to test for radiation
  • Since the summer of 2011, U.S. scientists have observed several dozen living and dead Pacific Ocean marine mammals with a strangely similar condition of skin sores and hair loss. These animals may be suffering from ‘beta burns,’ which are caused by significant external exposure to ‘beta emitters’ such as radiostrontiums, which were released in copious quantities to the Pacific Ocean at Fukushima Daiichi in 2011
  • .Almost a third more US West Coast newborns may face thyroid problems after Fukushima nuclear disaster
  • Contaminated water from Fukushima reactors could double radioactivity levels of US coastal waters in 5 years — “We were surprised at how quickly the tracer spread” More


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  2. Doomsday Coming says:

    The Japanese government have never been forthright of the extend of damages and dangers posed by this disaster and they are so good at hiding information from both from their ordinary citizens and the rest of the world, Since the Japanese are not forthcoming with their information of their screw ups, perhaps it is time to invade them and take over the management and containment of this nuclear disaster before it decimate the whole of the American West coast and along with the rest of the world bordering the Pacific. The Chinese and the Koreans will be more than happy to do the job! The US government too has blood in their hands if they refuse to do anything about this quickly.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I can appreciate that the author is trying to make a point about … something. The problem is that 10,000 people have reblogged this without even reading the figure, or investigating the material which was referenced, which happens to be inaccurate as so many people above have pointed out. These rebloggers and facebook likers will tell their friends some day “I read an article that said the radiation was really bad” and then those misinformed people will vote for politicians that have expressed anti-nuclear power sentiments. When those politicians (who probably don’t fact-check what they read either) get elected, they will critically underfund old nuclear reactors that could easily be improved 100 fold from their old designs, and made so much safer… only you and countless like you have irresponsibly posted some junk on the internet masquerading as thoughtful. The onus falls to writers: don’t market as factual things that you believe, market as factual things that are actual fact and save the rest for blogs starting with the phrase “I think that…”

  4. nhsr13 says:

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  5. Dr Bob says:

    Hi Guys,

    This would not have had to happen.
    Cold Fusion is clean, green and emits less radiation than a banana peel.

    It was discovered in 1989 and all though it has not received mainstream acknowledgement it is being confirmed in NASA videos, U.S NAVY even have a patent for it (but they call it LENR), its a patent for treating Nuclear Waste. (good news)

    We should stop using this highly dangerous fuel as it is one of the biggest threat to life on earth.

    Other companies that is working on Cold Fusion (lenr) Toyota, Mitsubishi, Boeing.

    For more information about this energy please check out my LOG

    Kind Regards

    Dr Bob

    Information and Technology can solve all our problems.

  6. Mono says:

    Like everyone else, I´m eager to know the risks and damages established by the Fukushima disaster. Also, i don´t trust Tepco´s nor the japanese Authorities information about this.
    But as much of disinformation as these parties probably are resorting too, putting this image to this headline, is nothing short of doing the same thing. Disinformation.

    This image is an infographic on how the Fukushima tsumnami spread. It´s an image of a measurement of water displacement height measured in centimeters.
    It has absolutely nohing to do with the spread of radiation, as implied by the headline next to it.
    I don´t get it. We critisize large corporations and governements for denying us true information and then go and do exactly the same thing.

    Putting that headline next to that image pretty much devaluates any information published on this Website.

  7. Anonymous says:

    This is not accurate. Hiroshima and Nagasaki was damaged by an atomic bomb not a nuclear. If you’re spreading awareness make sure your facts are straight not just some good old rumor. BTW, The Japan goverment is ensuring that there was no risk of contaminating the seas. Again, get your facts straight.

  8. JedGordon says:

    Also think about the seaweed that is used for sushi.
    There is a huge harvesting area for the global production near fukushima

  9. subgenius says:

    I had a couple of open wounds crop up on my genitals a couple of weeks ago, good to know it was radiation exposure and not the herpes.

  10. J says:

    This is stupid. Dear writer, you are stupid. Clearly not a scientist

  11. Claudia says:

    Whatever the map! Fukushima is a terrible disaster. We need to be seriously working on a sustainable future.

  12. Jason says:

    This is a bunk map. This is a map showing the original path of the 2011 March 11 Japan Tsunami. You can see the same map here:

    As far as I can tell this map does not appear anywhere else on the NOAA website. While I am not directly challenging the other claims, they appear to be largely circumstantial reports, unscientific, and lacking in credible sources. But most notably, the use of this map to illustrate your point certainly hurts your credibility.

    I think it is fair to say you are spreading misinformation.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Lots of comments here about the picture that goes with the article. Am I the only one who didn’t even bother to look at the picture because it is just a bunch of lines and colors and doesn’t make any sense anyway?

  14. Carol says:

    Its too bad that you use a misleading picture with your article. The picture is from NOAA and has to do with potential tsunami wave height only. Has nothing to do with radiation.

  15. Peter says:

    The author’s first source even states that the effects on the polar bears have no proven correlation to the Fukushima nuclear plant. Common people, this person needs to look over their work more carefully. I’m not even going to bother checking the rest.

    “Reuters noted that preliminary studies do not support a theory that the disease is due to contamination from the tsunami-wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan.”

  16. Amanda says:

    This is a TSUNAMI map, it has nothing to do with nuclear radiation. Please check your sources before posting stuff so important as this!!

  17. Anonymous says:

    News and headlines from a paranoid schizophrenic perspective.

  18. Johny5 says:

    How many people/politicians were sentenced to death for this? Or even taken to court anyhow? Or is there nobody to blame again? Well, its very very good for psychopathic Mstr. Bigfarma, they will make biljions and billjions again on cancer treatments.

  19. Anders Pedersen says:

    The lowest level of journalism ever……yes, very serious topic and what a horrible scenario – but what a fucked up article!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Were all going to die one day, lets just get it over with. I hope you all believe in GOD. His worlds clean!!!

  21. Matt Kovach says:

    no more tuna, no more king crab, the list goes on

  22. Linda Lander says:

    It seems reasonable to me , and I don’t know if I am right or not…that the map in question may also be an indication or where the radiation will travel due to ocean currents as well as being the areas showing water heights from the tsunami which followed the same path as the pollution from the nuclear plant re ocean currents?

  23. Rob says:

    Hi Anon,

    I have read all your comments. I agree that it is a tragedy to the environment what has happened. However I don’t like your ego on the way you have presented this. I can see your passion behind it, but is it self forfilling for you? Or the people who are being given Mis-information? You have probably frightened alot of people with your bla bla. But to all this people, in anon first couple of paragraphs, he’s mentioned Polar beers, I’m in no way saying I know anything much about radiation in Fukushima, however I do know one fact. That Polar beers live North of your Map, in Alaska, North Canada, northern coasts of Russia, Greenland, Norway. And all these places look pretty clear of radiation on your map. By the way Polar beers do not live in Antarctica. Which is the pole touched by the Pacific. 🙂

  24. Helene says:

    If this is truly false then something else will get us. In the meantime lets hope it is exagerated. All we just need is more radiation. Humanity would go extinct like the dinoaurs.

  25. Noooosh! says:

    One sure thing is…that drew the last days of the earth nearer and closer than any of events that happened past!!!

  26. I really can’t understand how this could have happened. I thought the Japanese where the smartest people no the planet. Yet they build a nuclear reactor on a faultline, on the beach. Who signed off on this?

  27. Either Fukushima is leaking or not. If it is we are in Big Trouble, regardless of what picture is attached to this article. I suppose the people who trust evrything the governments s
    ay should all go out and celebrate with some nice Pacific seafood!

  28. Anonymous says:

    Payback is a bitch America.

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  30. narayani says:

    Didn’t anyone see the movie “GODZILLA”? Remember the plot line of how he developed? Only God knows what we are creating down there right now. . .
    And we are all culpable – please take some action in your own individual life, whatever it may be, to show respect and care for our Mother EARTH. . .which includes ourSelves. . .

  31. William (Bill) Metzger says:

    Thank God for comments. Otherwise I’d be living in the deepest cave I could find by now!!

  32. Anonymous says:

    These are the very same people who would have you believe that cancer can be cured with bleeding as it causes the evil spirits to drain from your body. Be concerned and limit your ocean fish to 2 to 4 times per month, but your basement is leaking natural radioactive gas in higher concentrations than this. Even your church congregation emits more radiation. Would I bath at the ocean shore adjacent to Fukoshima? No more than I would dry myself next to a forest fire.

  33. L-bee says:

    This article is pure bs, there is always some paranoid idiot obsessed with the end times and scaring people. Be alarmed yes, there is radioactive material in our soil and water alike but this story is severely exaggerated to strike panic in individuals. I hate when boredom captures people.

  34. Tom says:

    When it comes down to it we know 350,000 Tons of contaminated water are being dumped into the Ocean every day, would you want to swim next to that everyday, would you not think you would get sick. It’s pretty simple to know that something needs to be done and this will have an effect on us all.

    • Anonymous says:

      read an earlier article that the Alaskan fishermen are going to do their own testing and report it……I say that the truth lies in the fish we are being sold………….

  35. Kenneth says:

    so where is all the media at oh it’s not a B.P. oil spill

  36. Anonymous says:

    “……..preliminary studies do not support a theory that the disease is due to contamination from the tsunami-wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan.”

    Are you reading the articles you’re using as refrences?

  37. Anonymous says:

    Keep people scared and they are easily controlled. Now the pharmaceutical companies will release some drug that cure you of radiation, (a sugar pill that cost $50 per pill)

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  40. Myrtle says:

    If endtimesheadlines was truely “prophetic” –they’d point out that the fulfillment of all prophesy (according to “the Bible”) is that it’s “G-d’s Will” is that ALL curses be turned into blessings –and be WORKING on them. And encourage others to be WORKING on solving them –rather than just hyping the fear –and falsely accepting, them as “predicted.”

    They declaim to heaven daily –“Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven” –but won’t lift a finger to make it happen, thinking “G-d” is going to do it for them.

    “They have eyes to see, and ears to hear; but they are deaf and blind to the Spirit….”

    I guess is easier for so-called “G-d’s People” though, to scare us with curses, plagues and hell, though –rather than scream even louder, and work even harder than “”G-d” is now; for MAN to end nuclear power; and clean up all this mess –now. A mess that he (man) made –and can unmake. I look in vain in endtimesheadlines, however, for anybody there to do any actual work; or contribute any money that would help clean up this mess. They are too busy “praying” and burying us in their expensive but lame literature and sermons of literal “jots and tittles” –full of disaster and judgment that they, by their not working to desperately to avert –are helping to make happen:

    Thinking that by mouthing some name –or revering some book, and printing billions of copies of it, and spending billions in the media to highlight its curses –that they have a clue about the truth of Love.

    If you believe in “G-d” and you’ve got a Cross –or Star of David or Crescent Moon in silver or gold jewelry –you’d sell it:

    And exchange it for one of wood –that you can start taking up daily with some humility.

    And give the rest to radiation clean-up.

    Then maybe you’d be in touch with the Spirit of G-d.

    And G-d’s Love.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Bon appetit

  42. Anonymous says:

    Alarmist bunk

  43. Anonymous says:

    From a magazine entitled “End Times Headlines”? I take this with a couple of grains of salt…..

  44. kaye says:

    Our environment is depleting to to unnecessary use and improper security measures of prevention of these acts of power generation. Our government should enforce FDA for testing our animals who are or have signs of radiation deformities’ and poisoning.
    I believe we as a country should enforce a stricter crusade regarding radiation and its properties and use of radiation.

  45. roublistorax says:

    ” could double radioactivity levels of US coastal waters in 5 years —”

    I would say they the coastal waters were not significantly radioactive before fukushima, on a human level (I mean people used to swim there and never get a acancer because of the water AFAIK). so it’s quite safe to say that they were almost not radioactive.

    twice almost not is still almost not.

    so this statement is kinda useless.

    “450 tons of contaminated water ”

    cool but here again : I don’t know if it’s much or not. 450 tons is 10 – 15 trucks. looks like kinda nothing compared to the size of oceans.

    all of this to say : numbers are nothing. they don’t scare people. dying sea lions or polar bears do !!!!

  46. Jerry says:

    We are killing. this world. and we don’t care. not enough. of us greed is all i can say

  47. Brian Last says:

    just wait till Godzilla turns up you unbelievers

  48. ZenMe says:

    I’ve read the article and every comment made here and can only conclude – with any surety – this: some tell the truth. Some don’t. It’s up to you who you believe. Unless you experience it yourself, that’s all it is. A belief. It is not possible to truly know something without direct experience. It’s merely hearsay. Enjoy!

    • Anonymous says:

      So your saying that North Dakota might not actually exist? I’ve never been there, so according to your “logic,” I should be skeptical of its existence.

      • FuzzyLogic says:

        No Anon… ZenMe does not say ND may or may not exist. ZenMe clearly states: You can’t TRULY KNOW SOMETHING without ‘experience’ of said something, or in your example, somewhere. I have never been to ND but do not doubt its existence based upon overwhelming evidence to the contrary. I cannot possibly ‘know’ it based solely upon watching ‘Fargo’, or reading National Geographic. To ‘truly know’ it I must go there. Hello Pierre! Beware of Fuzzy Logic.

  49. Anonymous says:

    the chart is not the right graph but the info is true. i found out 6months ago that rice and other farm ing had radiation in them and they hide the results of a test then it camme out, it is all linked together. the water they use to bath in and water there crops is contaminated and it has been for over a year and the japan govornment paide people off to hide the findings. and now the ocean is poisoned it has been ever since the stor they just hide it. then people started getting sick so they could not hide it anymore. ive reead about the crops being messed up over a year ago and then 6months ago. saw it on a special on tv too,

  50. FALSO, parten una noticia sustentada de una informacion que no corresponde. Es una IRRESPONSABILIDAD crear supuestos falsos.

  51. Anon says:

    There is an estimated 187 quintillion tons of water in the Pacific ocean. 450 Tons of contaminated water is not the end of eating fish. We should be more cognizant of all of the evil crap we do to the water. But this article above is misleading BS.

  52. sarah says:

    Actually I would like to note fox news has been reporting on this for a little while now…so yes it has been on the news, maybe not the one everyone favors but still and all can’t say it hasn’t when it has.

  53. In NY we have been warned about eating any fish that come from the Pacific Coast since last year. The level of radiation in the fish tested is not safe for human consumption. I would say that about ends your debate. No matter what the map shows, no matter who is informed or misinformed, no matter what you are reading, eating or thinking – this is a real concern for anyone who eats fish & doesn’t have the insurance to be able to afford cancer. Between this disaster & the “regular” problems (mercury, other leaking nuclear plants, toxins, lead, etc.) and GMOs, we are out of food. And you are all worried that the map is NOAA????? Jesus Christ on a biscuit – get your priorities straight.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes!! Marilyn !!

    • Willy Wonka says:

      The real problem isn’t the NOAA map, it’s the fact that if you write an article on a serious subject like that, and the first thing readers see is a lie (the map) … who could they trust the rest of the article?

      I actually don’t give a f*ck about the map…but when someone has to lie to convince me, that’s because there’s a serious lack of proof…

  54. Mac Senour says:

    A good and fair point hidden beneath a lie and an exaggeration. Is it any wonder things like this get ignored? Speak the truth, back it up with facts and I’ll listen.

  55. Anonymous says:

    We are still fucked if you look at this graphic

  56. another interesting article by the bbc yesterday.. very scary reading!!

  57. alex says:

    and what does the world do about that? nothing as always……

  58. Peyton says:

    Once again… Australia somehow completely detached from the rest of the world and all the issues in it.

  59. BSD says:

    As having worked in a Nuclear facility myself, i find it very hard to believe the statement about sea mammals having radiation burns.The amount of radiation needed to burn something is only found in the center of a nuclear core/melted core. Definitely not thousands of miles away from one.

    • Anonymous says:

      notice at the bottom of the map there is a distinct cutout below south America looks like a photoshop pic that wasnt finished

  60. Kia says:

    Here’s a detailed report on the global effects of Fukushima nuclear disaster. It includes a map of radiation releases in the Pacific Ocean, as recorded in March, 2012. At time of writing (March, 2013) it was estimated that 200 000+ tons of radioactive wastewater had been released, but the releases, which include leakages and dumping, are ongoing. This is a self education website for the benefit of communities world wide. Please share with your networks:

  61. J says:

    It’s amazing how all the currents in the Pacific Ocean flow outwards from Japan!

  62. Just Reading says:

    From the NBC article you cited:

    “Reuters noted that preliminary studies ****do not**** support a theory that the disease is due to contamination from the tsunami-wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan.”

  63. Anonymous says:

    Reuters noted that preliminary studies do not support a theory that the disease is due to contamination from the tsunami-wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan.

  64. Lyn Salter says:

    I agree change the map to the real picture of this disaster … I don’t want to mislead and you should not either. Thank you

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  66. Anonymous says:

    The fact is contaminated water is going to Pacific Ocean. After that imagine the rest what may happen. The ambiental contamination is also real. I don’t know how it may be cleaned. I am pessimist regarding humanity and world future, unless miracle happens.

  67. You lose credibility when you use a picture of the Tsunami from 2011 and try to convince people it’s a picture of radiation. You should retract this article and post a real picture of the radiation.

  68. Angie83 says:

    What the FUKushima where they thinking… and is there any action plan to fix this or at least save whats left? Cant wait for judgment day… money wont solve your problems then fat cats…..

    • So true. That image has nothing to do with radiation. This whole article is based on wild speculation. I lived in Japan at the time of the disaster and the level of disinformation was rampant. It’s a really bad situation but please spare us about seals with radiation damage in the polar regions, even a 15 minute read-up on wikipedia teach you that only extreme exposure can cause open wounds…

    • Anonymous says:

      Judgement day…sure…

  69. Berger says:

    What you sow is what you reap. First Hiroshima, and then Fukushima …

  70. My song i wrote the Lord enjoy the waste video on Youtube The end of the world 3

    • JStone says:

      Because of Hiroshima, we are now being inundated with hyperbolic shlock purporting to be scientific but lacking any indices of reliability?

  71. Just a red neck hick says:

    OMG….its the map of the tsunami height….NOT RADIATION….DAMN….

    This issue needs to be treated with honest concern and not hyperbole from a map that has nothing to do with radiation!

    some facts would do us well….like, for example “doubling the coastal radiation” what does that mean? Just stating that the radiation level doubles is designed to frighten the uninformed and does nothing to address the issue that our food source is in danger as opposed to hyperbole.

    • Johannes says:

      True, this disinfo is not helping anyone.. The radiation sinks to the bottom around Fukushima and is polluting the environment around there, not all over the planet.

  72. Auntie M says:

    OMG I am afraid to ask what’s next!

    • jc says:

      thanks Brother, for a cooler head approach and the need for rationally stated facts. i so often feel that we are into startle & shock method of sharing info. You can feel the accompanying contamination-of-the-soul with the toxin of ‘hopelessness’.

  73. genomega1 says:

    Reblogged this on News You May Have Missed and commented:
    At the Very Least, Your Days of Eating Pacific Ocean Fish Are Over

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  75. Shastliva says:

    And the world poisoning begins…

    • Anonymous says:

      The main image is sensationalist garbage. It’s taken from NOAA’s infographic on how far the tsunami spread and has nothing to do with radiation. While we’re likely under informed on the lasting effects of the Fukushima meltdown, be sure to do your research:

      • J says:


      • Anonymous says:


        Garbage. Everyone can still plainly see that it’s a NOAA chart with a legend measured in centimetres as we can plainly see on the right of the image. It’s not any form of measurement of radioactivity (which NOAA aren’t experts in anyway, if they wanted such analysis done they’d bring in outside expertise from another organisation), it’s simply a measurement of tsunami-induced water displacement height which they’ve measured in centimeters. Obviously a measurement with units of centimetres has got absolutely nothing to do with any kind of measurement of radioactivity or absorbed/equivalent radiological dose.

      • Micah says:

        OK Anonymous…we get your point. How about spending your time and energy helping to educate ppl on the ACTUAL (incredibly important) ISSUE at hand. It doesn’t matter if its a picture of Pokeman at the top, as long as ppl READ the article, and LEARN

      • TEKZILLA says:

        No Micah, anonymous makes an EXTREMELY important point. You can’t fight a fight if you’re being dishonest. Now I can’t trust this article and just have to put it in the back of my mind in the ‘maybe it’s right’ pile.

      • jredtripp says:

        Serious concerns over the leakage discovered Monday are causing the Japan’s nuclear regulator to consider raising the classification to Level 3, by the International Atomic Energy Agency or a “serious incident,” based on the concentration of radioactivity in the water and the size of the leak.

        The meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, triggered by a March 11, 2011, earthquake and tsunami, has been rated a Level 7 “major accident,” on the international scale for nuclear incidents — the world’s worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl.


        so yeah, it’s kinda serious.

      • Anonymous says:

        How convenient the imbecile calls themselves anonymous. Because they’re a coward…If you’re going to disseminate propaganda at least identify

      • Anonymous says:

        Was that supposed to be ironic?

    • This article is nothing but a stitching of hyperbolic articles from non-scientists, starting with your misleading graphic. If anyone wants real, scientific, and trustworthy information, check out the IAEA:

      Another thing I found funny was the link to your “Doubling of radioactivity on the US Coast”. That article states:
      “While this may sound alarming, these levels are still lower than those permitted for drinking water”

      Denver is the most radioactive city in the US, and has a lower than average cancer rate.

      • Anonymous says:

        Doubling of radioactivity on the US Coast…. made me think of this XKCD

      • edgar says:

        I think it was good you sent a link to IAEA. I want to know more however about how they are treating the latest reports from Japan. IAEA’s latest report is merely on what we can learn for future development. I know they are scientists but that doesn’t make their responses value free. I wonder what the Union of Concerned Scientists would say as well. Too many interest groups.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sources listed might make the article more believable…

    • Jonathan B. says:

      So I’ve done the math based on what they’re saying here. By calculating the total amount of radioactive materiel leaking (supposedly) at an average (since they give 300-450 as possible amounts) with the amount of time since, you can tell how much total water has been leaked. Then I took the total amount of water in the pacific ocean alone (which is actually really not that true to what would be the case since the water will have traveled far outside of just the pacific.) the total percentage of radioactive water in the pacific ocean would be 0.00000297287%. Also this article is obviously garbage

    • James Starks says:

      Argue all you want about how diluted or not the radiation is, I’m not eating those fish. If somebody pisses in your pond, you don’t drink from it.

    • jim says:

      Wait, did they just say 450 tons, …….per day? Holy moly.

    • Anonymous says:

      exactly, always trust everything posted via wordpress

    • Anonymous says:

      Begins? No. Just worsens.

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