Moody Bible Institute Lifts Ban on Alcohol and Tobacco for Employees

Paul Nyquist moody bible institute
In a reversal of a 127-year-old policy, the Moody Bible Institute has lifted the ban on alcohol and tobacco consumption by its faculty and staff, including those who work in its radio and publishing arms, an estimated 600 people in all. “Moody’s leadership wants to require no more and no less of employees than what Scripture requires of believers,” Christine Gorz, vice president of Marketing and Communications at Moody Bible Institute, wrote in a statement to The Christian Post on Friday. “Employees of Moody are expected to adhere to all biblical absolutes, but for behaviors that Scripture does not expressly prohibit, Moody leaves these matters to the employee’s biblically-informed conscience,” she added.  Gorz emphasized the limits of the policy change. The new freedom “applies only to employees, not students, and employees are not permitted to partake of alcohol or tobacco while on the job or while in the presence of students,” the marketing vice president explained. According to a 2007 study, an overwhelming majority of Protestant pastors and lay people agree that Scripture indicates people should never get drunk, while only less than a third say it forbids drinking overall. Historically, this issue has divided American Christians, going back to the days of Prohibition. More


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