Elderly Couple from Ohio dies from recent Meteorite Fragments striking home

Was it a meteor or a satellite that streaked across Ohio last night? (Photo taken in August 2013)
SIGNS IN THE HEAVENS: Ohioans were dazzled by a bright flash of blue light in the night sky on September 27, 2013, in southern Ohio around 11:30 p.m., eastern standard time. Could it have been a meteorite or a satellite predicted to crash to earth on Friday? A fireball reportedly hit near a home in northern Adams County, Ohio, a few miles outside the city of Peebles causing a house fire. Those reports are unconfirmed. The six alarm fire left fireman battling the blaze into the early hours of the morning. It is unknown at this time if the residents made it out safely. A neighbor said the meteor crossed over the city and hit near the Locust Grove Cemetery just four miles from the Great Serpent Effigy Mound. In recent years, a crop circle appeared overnight in an adjacent field from the Serpent Mound grounds and thousands of years ago it was the sight of a major meteorite that caused a huge crater. To report a meteor go to the American Meteors Society webpage. Come back for further updates on this situation.
Update: As of the morning of September 28, 2013, a home outside of Peebles, Ohio, in the Locust Grove area of Adams County burned to the ground last night, the two residents of the home, an elderly couple, Jane and Lyle Lambert, died as a result of smoke inhalation. The fire is believed to be caused from the meteor or pieces of the heated meteor that hit the home. The state fire marshal is investigating the fire. Examiner.com


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14 Responses to Elderly Couple from Ohio dies from recent Meteorite Fragments striking home

  1. main stream media is silent cause most are own by the ELITE, and large corporations… They sold us obama… and continue to protect him, and any negative stories that would hurt him. Its a shame, we the people don’t have a voice…

  2. Anonymous says:

    as far as I am concern this is big news. How come none of the major news networks reproted this story?

  3. Anonymous says:

    As far as I am concern, this is big news meteorite falling out of the sky and killing two people 9/27/13 at 11:30 pm. How come none of the major networks made no mention of this story?

  4. I wrote this article and I came across a You Tube video from a man saying that this was a false report. If you hear this is a “false report” I can assure you that this is true and people need to wake up to what is happening in this world. I live in Peebles, Ohio, and I saw the meteor and just because it wasn’t large enough to leave and impact crater doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

    The report does say, “it is reported” to have been a meteor or piece of the meteor, it was timed to a tee but the naysayers want to say it was electrical. Neighbors witnessed it and relatives believe it was the meteor as well. The home was a 100 year old farm house and a piece of meteor could easily start a fire without an impact crater. A man on You Tube claims my article is false because there is no huge impact crater that he feels must be there for the house to burn.

    Another gentlemen driving down Ohio 41 saw the meteor light up the sky, as I did, and a few moments later driving past the area where the Lamberts live he saw the home and land was engulfed in 70 foot flames. It is sad what happened to the Lambert’s, may they RIP. I just want to clarify this is not a made up sensationalized story. It is fine what the guy from YouTube chooses to believe. God’s only giving so many more warnings then He is going to let his wrath loose. God bless America!

  5. I live between Russellville and Decatur Ohio and I saw the meteor streak across the sky. It was so close and big that I jumped up,frightening my wife. I ran onto the porch to see if I could hear an explosion. . It looked to me like flaming fire, bright orange and yellow.. I’m 60 years old , and have never seen one so close.

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  7. Odd how this isn’t covered by the Moron Sheeple Media.

  8. Jakecommonsense says:

    Headline: elderly couple brutally murdered by god, idiots rejoice.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah no shit nice god they got.I cant believe a religion whose greatest event if the end of the freakin world so glad I.m a heathen.

    • jim jennings says:

      God killed them for one thing god loves he will not kill us . God so loved the world he gave his only forgotten son come on do not start blaming god remember god love u . My name is jim jennings thank u

    • Angeleyes0719@yahoo.com says:

      God didn’t murder them but He is warning the World to be ready. Sad, but one day you will not be laughing or mocking the Bible, by then it will be too late. Praying for you.

  9. Chantell Hollander says:

    Strange how this is almost exactly a month later. I saw a clip on youtube where it sounds like a horn blowing…. just as stated in the bible!

  10. Chantell Hollander says:

    I stay in Bloemfontein South Africa and we just witnessed a bright light in the sky, lasted a few minutes and then faded. Looked like a star surounded by light.

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