Strange Super-Earth Planet Has ‘Plasma’ Water Atmosphere

Strange Super-Earth Planet Has 'Plasma' Water Atmosphere
: A nearby alien planet six times the size of the Earth is covered with a water-rich atmosphere that includes a strange “plasma form” of water, scientists say. Astronomers have determined that the atmosphere of super-Earth Gliese 1214 b is likely water-rich. However, this exoplanet is no Earth twin. The high temperature and density of the planet give it an atmosphere that differs dramatically from Earth. “As the temperature and pressure are so high, water is not in a usual form (vapor, liquid, or solid), but in an ionic or plasma form at the bottom the atmosphere — namely the interior — of Gliese 1214 b,” principle investigator Norio Narita of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan told by email. More


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  2. It would be cool if there were some form of life in those plasma waters. But I’m not going to take a swim to find out.

  3. Mario says:

    Is terre-forma possible under these circumstances?

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