DAYS OF LOT – School fires chaplain for saying homosexuality is a ‘disorder’ and a ‘perversion’

homoThe Rev Michael MacInnes made the comments on a Facebook page read by parents of pupils at the Glasgow Gaelic School. Head teacher Dr Donalda McComb ended the Church of Scotland minister’s pastoral role following complaints from families. Glasgow City Council said Mr MacInnes’s views were not in keeping with the ethos of the non-denominational school. Mr MacInnes’s remarks were related to the Scottish Government moves to introduce same-sex marriage. He described the legislation as a “tragic day” for Scotland and called homosexuality a “disorder” and a “perversion”. Mr MacInnes said: “The overwhelming support of our Scottish politicians in creating same-sex marriage is very disappointing. “Many of us, myself included, agreed that the creation of civil partnerships was necessary so that individuals suffering from this disorder were not legally penalised in any way because of their sexuality. “We can now expect to see the school curriculum changed to the end that our children will be taught this perversion as if it were a good thing.” A Glasgow City Council spokeswoman said while the minister was entitled to his opinions, action had been taken because his views “were not in keeping with the ethos of the school” and the council had a duty of care to the pupils. She added: “The man is no longer the chaplain at the school and this decision was taken by the head teacher as soon as we received the complaints from parents and reviewed the situation. “The school did receive complaints from parents about the inappropriate comments made and a decision was taken to review the religious observance at the school.” Mr MacInnes, who is minister of Gairbraid Church in Maryhill, is originally from Lewis, in the Outer Hebrides, and is the former minister at St Columba’s Church in St Vincent Street, Glasgow. He declined to comment on the row. Holyrood is considering a Bill legalising same-sex weddings after MSPs voted it through in principle in November. The first gay weddings are expected to take place in 2015. Scottish Express


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  2. tknot57 says:

    We should not be surprised that evil is called good and good called evil – we were, after all, told ahead of time that this will happen. Look up people because the end is near and look for His coming to take His away with Him. Jesus is Lord

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    Reblogged this on Dead Citizen's Rights Society.

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