PROPHECY ALERT – Kerry to update Arab League on Israel-Palestinian talks

11780304564_5a67d82aba_b-635x357Secretary of State John Kerry will travel to Kuwait next week to meet with representatives of the Arab League’s Arab Peace Initiative committee to discuss the ongoing peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians. According to a State Department statement released Wednesday, Kerry will fly to Paris and Kuwait from January 11-15 and update the Arab League “on the ongoing final status negotiations between the Israelis and Palestinians, as part of his continued engagement with our Arab League partners on the issue.”  The statement came shortly after a Palestinian news outlet reported that the US is exploring the possibility of altering language in the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative to include recognition of Israel as a Jewish State should the country reach a peace deal with the Palestinians. Al-Ayyam, citing Western sources, said the US negotiating team is investigating the possibility. Kerry called the peace initiative a key part of a US-drafted framework agreement meant to be presented to the Israelis and Palestinians in the coming weeks. The deal would set parameters for future talks and allow the sides to keep negotiating past the April deadline for the current round of talks. More


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