Marijuana Legalization May Win the West (and D.C.) in 2014

widemodern_coloradopot_131230620x413One week after the nation’s first recreational marijuana stores opened in Colorado, Alaska activists submitted what appear to be enough signatures to put marijuana legalization before voters. The measure – which would go up for a vote Aug. 19 – is one of several 2014 efforts that could yield a good year for pot supporters, particularly in the West. So far, voters have been at the vanguard of legalization, blowing past state legislatures. In November 2012, more than 55 percent of Colorado and Washington voters approved initiatives to legalize the drug and open state-licensed stores – and polls suggest those successes may be replicated elsewhere. A CNN/Opinion Research poll released Monday found 55 percent of Americans believe marijuana should be legal, compared to 44 percent who do not. Support was highest in the West – where voter-driven initiatives often become law – and in the Northeast. An October poll released by Gallup put nationwide support for legalization at 58 percent. Here’s a rundown of the states where smoking weed may become legal in 2014: More


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  3. Legal marijuana is so expensive The novelty of it all well wear off quickly and then they won’t make much money after that. Except for the health insurance scams where your health insurance pays for it.

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