Should the Church Prepare for the Fall of America?

For the past several years, a growing number of prophetically and culturally astute leaders have been predicting the decline of the United States. Also, books like the New York Times best-seller The Harbinger have issued dire warnings to America based on biblical principles and Old Testament prophetic passages. There have been predictions as dire as the total breakup of our union, preceded by mass rioting and chaos (catalyzed by runs on banks and economic calamities), to a severe economic crisis far worse than what happened globally in 2008. All in all, most I speak to portend a major financial correction is soon coming in the market.  I have been saying for several years that I believe the year 2016 or sooner will be a time when many looming calamitous issues will converge and cause societal disorientation and economic woes equal or greater than the Great Depression of the 1930s.
Since the 2012 presidential election, there have been many ominous signs of huge American decline in global influence: China and Russia have been saber-rattling and spewing out military threats; the NSA spy scandal has alienated our allies and further validated our ideological enemies; the military is experiencing mass cutbacks in spending; Iran is continuing to move forward with its nuclear program with impunity; Obamacare has proved to be a disaster, with the president caught lying about its devastating effects from millions losing their health coverage (and, worse yet, losing faith in their leader); and the federal government continues to pump billions of printed dollars into the economy to superficially keep the nation afloat. Possibly the biggest catalyst for mass chaos and social disorientation will be when the nations of the world stop using the U.S. dollar as their primary currency and switch to other currencies to purchase oil and other major commodities. This would probably mean the Federal Reserve would no longer be able to print mass amounts of money to pay down our debt, which could result in our whole nation becoming like the city of Detroit—bankrupt! More


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