Frustration grows days after WV chemical spill.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) – Frustration is mounting for many of the 300,000 West Virginia residents who’ve gone three days without clean tap water. Chris Laws found bottled water on Saturday for his two elderly next-door neighbors. “They can’t get out,” said Laws, 42, of Marmet, a coal miner. “I’m keeping an eye on them. You got to watch out for your neighbors. They’re the ones who are going to watch out for you.” He said he was angry at the company at the center of the leak, Freedom Industries.  “A lot of people are facing bad situations because of this,” he said. “They’re struggling. What I don’t understand is how did this happen?” The emergency began Thursday following complaints to West Virginia American Water about a licorice-type odor in the tap water.
The source: the chemical 4-methylcyclohexane methanol, which had leaked out of a 40,000-gallon tank at a Freedom Industries facility along the Elk River. State officials said Saturday they believe about 7,500 gallons leaked. Some of the chemical was contained before flowing into the river; it’s not clear exactly how much entered the water supply. It could take days for clean tap water to flow again. First, water sample test results must consistently show that the chemical’s presence in the public water system is at or below 1 parts per million, the level recommended by federal agencies, West Virginia American Water President Jeff McIntyre said Saturday at a news conference. More
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