A commentator from America’s neighbor to the north is renewing his warning to citizens of the United States that gun confiscation is coming soon, citing Connecticut laws enacted Jan. 1. Brian Lilley, host of “Byline” on the Sun News Network, said he warned last year that gun confiscation was coming to America. He pointed to statistics showing gun ownership on the rise and gun violence on the decline to argue the issue really isn’t weapons.  He said once government gets a list of gunowners bureaucrats don’t like, it is just a matter of changing the definitions or rules to make the weapons illegal and order citizens to turn them in.
That’s exactly what happened in his home country of Canada, Lilley said. “Gun sales up, gun crime down, gun deaths are down, but new laws are headed your way. It’s not about the guns, it’s about the control, the ability to control you, your life, what you can own, what you can buy, and what they can take away from you,” he said. “Last year I issued a warning to American that gun confiscation was coming, that gun control laws would be tougher despite the evidence. Today that warning rings louder. It’s up to law-abiding gun owners to share this warning, and to arm themselves with facts to in order to beat back the next assault on gun owners driven by emotion and fear.” Lilley pointed out that on Jan. 1 new gun laws went into effect that left Connecticut residents standing in long lines to register their semi-automatic rifles and high-capacity magazines. More





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