Americans warned of imminent, deadly meteor strikes

SIGNS IN THE HEAVENS: With NASA reporting a “potentially hazardous” asteroid nearly half-a-mile wide possibly heading toward earth, and some upstate New Yorkers claiming they experienced a loud boom and a bright light in the sky last night caused by a meteor, a doctors’ organization is offering some timely advice: Just as when the American populace first prepared for the possibility of a nuclear blast, a person’s best option for surviving a meteor strike is the same “duck and cover” created during the 1940s and ’50s when nuclear weaponry was still in its infancy.   The warning comes from Physicians for Civil Defense, which issued a statement recently during a meeting of the Emergency Management Agency of Utah.
“All Americans, starting with first responders and emergency managers, need to know this basic life-saving principle: ‘Drop and cover if you see a sudden very bright light,’” said the statement from the organization’s spokeswoman, Jane Orient, M.D. “Such a light will be followed by a deadly shock wave within seconds. Those who drop and cover will probably survive. Those who do not are likely to be killed or suffer severe injury.” The organization’s goal is to save lives of first responders in the event of disasters, “especially terrorist attacks using dirty bombs or nuclear weapons.” Members note that “in today’s unprepared America, the only feasible plan that could save millions of lives on very short notice is the Nuclear War Survival Skills plan, using simple, government-developed and tested technology.” Those three-plan components include “Drop and Cover,” “Shelter in Place,” and “Radiologic Monitoring.” More





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  1. Linda Littlechief says:

    Need more factual information on this latest big rock..NTL, I believe in signs of the times as talked about in the bible. .

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  3. He is speaking of an asteroid in 25 YEARS

  4. AG says:

    What is your source for this?

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