Oregon mom, an Obamacare supporter, now finds she can’t afford it

ObamacareSome Republicans in Congress have suggested that, rather than focusing on repealing Obamacare, the GOP should just stand back and allow the law to “collapse on its own.” Well, I’ve never really heard of a law doing that. But no matter, because support for Obamacare is collapsing, in essence, and the more Americans are harmed by it, the more voters who will likely seek to punish the Democrats who forced it upon the nation. One of those voters may well be an Oregon mother who was once an Obamacare supporter, but who now finds that she, like millions of other Americans, cannot afford it, as reported by Seattle’s CBS affiliate: One Oregon mother says that she is unable to afford health insurance for her and her 18-month-old son because it’s too expensive. The woman – who wishes to remain anonymous – tells KOIN-TV that she originally championed President Barack Obama’s signature health care law because she thought it would help people in her situation. Well, it’s understandable why she and scores more Americans did think that. After all, that’s what the president kept saying – how much it will help those without coverage while not affecting those with coverage, both of which, we now know, were huge lies. “I’ve been a cheerleader for the Affordable Care Act since I heard about it and I assumed that it was designed for people in my situation,” she told KOIN. “I was planning on using the Affordable Care Act and I had done the online calculator in advance to make sure I was going to be able to afford it.” More


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