Israeli defence minister says John Kerry should ‘take Nobel prize and leave us be’

Moshe Ya'alon, the newly installed Israeli defence minister.
Israeli defence minister Moshe Yaalon has scathingly attacked US Secretary of State John Kerry and the US-led peace process in private conversations, according to reports. “Secretary of State John Kerry—who arrived here determined, and who operates from an incomprehensible obsession and a sense of messianism—can’t teach me anything about the conflict with the Palestinians”, Mr Yaalon is reported as saying. Mr Yaalon reportedly made his statements in the course of a number of conversations held with American and Israeli officials, according to Israeli daily Yediot Ahranot. “The only thing that might save us is if John Kerry wins the Nobel Prize and leaves us be”, said the Defence Minister.
Turning to the US-led efforts to bring Israelis and Palestinians to an interim agreement in the current round of peace talks, Yaalon dismissed the American proposals with disdain.  “The American plan for security arrangements that was shown to us isn’t worth the paper it was written on”, he is quoted as saying. The Defence Minister’s office neither confirmed nor denied the comments attributed to him. The comments have been met with varying degrees of anger and fury amid Israeli politicians. “You can oppose negotiations professionally and responsibly, without tongue-lashing and destroying relations with Israel’s top ally”, Israel Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, who leads Israel’s peace negotiations, wrote on Facebook. Environmental Protection Minister Amir Peretz called for Yaalon to be immediately dismissed from his post, while opposition leader and head of Israel’s Labour party, Isaac Herzog, called for a toppling of the current government and the formulation of a new centre-left coalition block. More


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  1. Leah LoneBear says:

    I have to agree. The idea that John Kerry speaks for the US on matters that could literally lead to the destruction of the globe frankly scares me.

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