National Cathedral opens worship space to free classes and other Faiths to boost profile, coffers

When Congress authorized the creation of Washington National Cathedral in 1893, it envisioned a national spiritual home. Decades later, it became a setting for presidential funerals, sermons by the likes of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and worship services for epic national tragedies such as Newtown and Sept. 11. But would it have thought of tai chi and yoga mats?  Seeking to transform the historic institution’s mission and heighten its public profile, the cathedral’s leaders recently removed the thousands of chairs usually in its 10-story Gothic worship area for a week of unconventional events in a suddenly changed empty but dramatic space. On Monday night, the nave was filled with dozens of people in socks after a lesson by a tai chi master with a silver sword.
RIBNOVO, BULGARIA - JANUARY 12:  Bride Fatme Inus, her face painted white and decorated with sequins, emerges to present herself to villagers towards the end of her two-day wedding to Mustafa Sirakov on January 12, 2014 in Ribnovo, Bulgaria. The practice of painting the bride's face white and decorating it with sequins and coloured paint is called 'gelena' in Bulgarian, is unique to Ribnovo and is a tradition going back centuries. Ribnovo weddings only take place in the winter and the entire village participates with group dances on the main square. Ribnovo, located in the mountains of southern Bulgaria, is predominantly inhabited by Pomaks, a Muslim ethnic minority who are the descendants of Christian Bulgarians who converted to Islam during Ottoman rule.  (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)On Wednesday, a chorus will perform an unusual 40-part song while walking across the marble floor (cathedral officials call this “extreme polyphony”). On Friday, the soaring space will be open for an all-night vigil and be stocked with yoga mats and meditation cushions. As mellow as it all sounds, the week-long public program — “Seeing Deeper” — is part of a highly orchestrated drive by the nation’s second-largest cathedral to remake itself and survive in an era when religious institutions are struggling. And what’s more institutional than a huge cathedral? Washington National Cathedral, one of the Episcopal Church’s three major U.S. cathedrals, was already forced to halve its $27 million budget in the mid-2000s because of falling revenue before an earthquake in 2011 caused damage tallying an additional $26 million. Although it is now in the black, it must raise its roughly $13 million annual operating budget as well as the remaining $19 million for earthquake repairs. More


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  2. ex Aussie says:

    This is a bad thing to do. Inviting Satan and his flock into the house that is used for the worship of
    God. Think about what you are doing here people. This is like trying to mix oil and water – it won’t mix, just like mixing Christianity and Pagonism. All this in the name of money… And we wonder why there are signs in the heavens and on earth that God is not pleased. Remember who your maker is and repent before it is too late – or maybe things have already gone too far.

  3. timloyal says:

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    This is the one religion mixing. More to come

  4. Richard M Nixon (Deceased) says:

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