Has the Sun gone to sleep? Strange solar behavior baffles astrophysicists

– Scientists are saying that the Sun is in a phase of “solar lull” – meaning that it has fallen asleep – and it is baffling them. History suggests that periods of unusual “solar lull” coincide with bitterly cold winters. Rebecca Morelle reports for BBC Newsnight on the effect this inactivity could have on our current climate, and what the implications might be for global warming.


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6 Responses to Has the Sun gone to sleep? Strange solar behavior baffles astrophysicists

  1. We could be in for another “Little Ice Age” such as happened concurrently with the last Maunder Minimum. This may make the entire “Global Warming” issue entirely moot.

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  3. Cynthia says:

    Nonsense. In the southern hemisphere heat is breaking all time records, so don’t regard the cold climate to solar changes.

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  5. Lillian Mariscal says:

    There will be signs in the sun and moon and the stars. These are the beginning of signs of the Second coming. And I hope we are ready for whats ahead.

    • Katie Arnold says:

      I am ready to see what Jesus has to do now, no matter what He does people will not turn back to him. It burdens my soul to think how many are not ready for his return.

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