All hell breaks loose over Christian Oscar nod

Like David versus Goliath, an upstart Christian film has shocked the world by winning an unlikely victory in the form of an Academy Award nomination. Only this time, the crowds aren’t cheering for David. Instead, mainstream-media Oscar watchers across the nation have blasted the Academy for choosing the hymn-like testament to God’s presence over hits by pop artists like Jay-Z and Taylor Swift. “I can’t figure any of this s— out,” an unnamed competitor told the Hollywood Reporter, or THR, after learning his or her song was beaten out by “Alone Yet Not Alone,” the title song from the faith-themed movie of the same name. “It is difficult to understand why ‘Alone Yet Not Alone’ snagged an Oscar nomination over more acclaimed and high-profile competitors,” THR remarked, claiming multiple people whose songs were snubbed by Academy’s music branch wonder how “a song that has been heard by virtually no one outside the branch from a film that hardly anyone has seen” secured an Oscar nomination. Across the country, dozens of Hollywood-watching publications were quick to heap criticism on “Alone Yet Not Alone.” The Wire called the song “the year’s most WTF [what the f—] Oscar nominee,” and Ty Burr of Boston Globe penned a blog post about “Alone Yet Not Alone” titled “The Oscar nomination that stinks to heaven.” “Its inclusion is questionable, and evidence that strides still need to be made when it comes to the Oscar song field,” reads a particularly pointed criticism from the Los Angeles Times.
NewNowNext, a division of Viacom’s LGBT channel LogoTV called it “a clunky song from an obscure Christian movie score” and blasted the movie for having an “anti-gay connection” because of endorsements from Rick Santorum and James Dobson, among others. “It’s crammed with sappy Christian aphorisms,” writes NewNowNext’s Dan Avery of the song, “and over-produced to within an inch of its life.” But it’s not as though the song has no pedigree nor business securing a nomination. As WND reported, “Alone Yet Not Alone” was performed by Christian author, singer and speaker Joni Eareckson Tada and was written by Dennis Spiegel and Bruce Broughton, who had already received an Academy Award nomination for his score for “Silverado” and who boasts nine Emmy Awards for his musical compositions on television. “Songs are highly subjective,” explains George D. Escobar, who served as a producer, co-director and co-writer on the film “Alone Yet Not Alone.” “The fact that some people do not like it is perfectly reasonable and acceptable. Others absolutely love the song. “Comparing ‘Alone Yet Not Alone’ against the popularity of other Oscar contenders is natural. But we should also compare it to the message it conveys,” he continued. “It’s the only song that is about God’s faithfulness during our times of affliction and persecution. Most of the other songs are about rebellion and self-reliance. Isn’t it nice to have some contrast in the marketplace?” Escobar also warned critics to beware masking another motive in criticizing the nomination of “Alone Yet Not Alone.” “It shouldn’t matter whether this movie is a ‘Christian film’ or not. That’s equivalent to someone criticizing another movie for being a ‘black film’ or a ‘white film.’ It’s hypocritical to impose a double-standard like that,” Escobar said. “I would ask audiences and critics to give the song fair consideration for its intent within the movie and how it supports the story being told. That’s a key eligibility criteria from the Academy itself.”


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  1. We have to stand in a time when the world is lost to the ways of the cross! God expects us to use our talents and abilities to show the world who He is through us!

  2. I think it is really wonderful that a relatively unknown Christian movie with a Christian song has received such recognition and l pray that this song wins. YHVH works in mysterious ways and even though most of the world refuses to acknowledge, let alone accept that ELOHIM is the creator of every person, WHICH INCLUDES ALL THOSE who are opposed to this nomination and YHVH states clearly in HIS living word that homosexuality is an abomination in HIS eyes, SO CHEERS to all the anti-gay community and to James Dobson and Rick Santorum for their endorsements and congratulations to Dennis Spiegel and Bruce Broughton for writing the song and to Joni Eareckson Tada as the singer. WHAT mankind in general does not know and most don’t want to know is that the final control of what happens anywhere in the world lies in the hands of YHVH AND NOT IN THE HANDS /VOTES or plans OF MANKIND and if it is YHVH’S plan and purpose for this song to secure an Oscar nomination and by HIS grace win, then so be it.

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  4. Jennifer Pruitt says:

    Apparently, they don’t get it…..and these are the same people who will praise Miley Cyrus for her disgusting display on the VMAs and quick to condemn Phil Robertson for expressing his opinion. A song they don’t agree with the message of will rile people up real quick! This song was co-written by Joni Erickson Tada, who’s paralyzed. Now they hate handicapped people? Another way of the world showing their hatred for ANY form of Christian, family friendly entertainment!

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