Israel’s Laser Beam Defense System Can Blow Up Incoming Rockets In Mid Air

Iron Beam
Israel has plans to deploy a missile-defense laser called Iron Beam, a high-powered weapon that can heat up incoming short-range missiles until they explode, Israeli media reported over the weekend. Though seldom actually used, laser weapons technology like this has actually been around for years, and is increasingly common throughout the world. Laser missile-defense systems were first developed in the United States, and the American government subsidized the Israeli Iron Beam program, Reuters reported.  The Israeli defense ministry already has an arsenal of shields to protect its cities and borders from Palestinian rocket attacks. The main anti-rocket system is Iron Dome, a conventional defense weapon that uses radar to guide interceptor rockets at incoming bombs. According to Reuters, Iron Dome cuts off 80 percent of Palestinian rockets. Another system, Arrow II, is used to thwart long-range rockets with atmospheric trajectories. Iron Beam will be used for the extremely close-range attacks from less than 4.5 miles away, which have lower trajectories. Traditional radar-guided systems have trouble nailing these warheads, according to the report, which cited a defense industry official who refused to be named. More


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  1. Alex Ruhls says:

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