More Americans Dissatisfied With Government Than At Any Time Since 9/11

A new Gallup poll indicates that more Americans are hacked off with the US system of government than at any time since the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. Sixty Five percent of voters indicated that they were dissatisfied with the effectiveness of government, an increase of five points on last year, and a new high above the 2012 figure of 64 percent.
Trend: Americans' Dissatisfaction With System of Government and Its Effectiveness
The record high is a full 42 percent higher than it was at the height of the Patriotism infused year of 2002, following the 9/11 attacks, when dissatisfaction with government stood at just 23 percent. The figures show that in just 12 years, dissatisfaction with the government has soared from fewer than one in four Americans to almost two-thirds. The poll also noted that the same amount of Americans are unhappy with the size and power that the Federal government now has.
Trend: Americans' Dissatisfaction With the Size and Power of Federal Government
Just one week before the scheduled State of the Union address, two thirds of Americans believe that the government has grown too big and become too powerful. In the last nine years, the trend has jumped from an even 50 percent split to a sixty-six percent majority. Between 2008, when Obama was inaugurated, to 2011, the measure of dissatisfied Americans jumped by a full 10 percent. Gallup also notes that “even a slight majority of those in his [Obama’s] own party are generally dissatisfied with how government is working.” A separate Gallup poll earlier this month also found that the top problem facing the country according to voters is dysfunctional government. A similar AP survey found that a whopping 70 percent of Americans have absolutely “no faith” in government to make progress on key issues. Prominent PR firm Edelman also discovered that trust in government has hit an all time low following the NSA spying scandal. A new USA TODAY/Pew Research Center poll shows that an overwhelming majority of Americans who paid any attention to the president’s promises to reign in the NSA last Friday do not believe it will do anything to protect them from continued government surveillance. Only half of the respondents said they had paid any attention to what Obama said during the speech, yet of the half who did, 73 percent of them think his promises of reform will amount to nothing. INFO WARS


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