Nuke Deal Delays Iran Bomb by One Month

President Hassan Rouhani announced the country will continue uranium enrichment with its second nuclear reactorIf Iran fully complies with the requirements of a recently signed nuclear deal, its ability to build a nuclear weapon will be delayed by just one month, according to a recent analysis published by a nuclear watchdog group. Before Iran signed a temporary agreement to halt portions of its nuclear program, experts pegged its breakout time—the length of time it would take Tehran to enrich the fuel needed for a nuclear bomb—at around one to one-and-a-half months, according to a recent analysis by the group United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI). If Iran goes along with the nuclear accord and ramps down some of its nuclear work, its breakout time will be pushed back from one month to just over two, according to UANI’s analysis, which cites figures from the Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS). “In reality, the accord does little to push back Iran’s breakout time,” UANI said in its report. ”ISIS estimates that even if Iran completely fulfilled its obligations under the deal (some of which will not be fulfilled until months into the agreement), Iran’s breakout time would lengthen to only 1.9-2.2 months.” The short setback will be accompanied by a rise in Iran’s stockpiles of enriched uranium, the key component in a nuclear weapon. Iran’s stockpile of 5 percent enriched uranium, the production of which is permitted under the terms of the deal, will rise by 400 kg during the next six months, when the nuclear deal is in full effect. More


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  2. Paul Spencer says:

    Everybody thinks that if and when Iran produces enough nuclear material to produce a bomb, that it suddenly becomes a world power . My question is – would they use it ? After all, it is only one bomb, and the current superpowers have have hundreds at least. What a stupid act of war to go into battle with one weapon that has every chance of being intercepted. The question is not how many weeks would it take for Iran to produce a nuclear weapon , but how long would it take this rogue state to assemble an arsenal of nuclear weapons?

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