3 reported killed in shooting at Maryland mall

image002Gunfire erupted in a Columbia, Maryland, shopping mall late Saturday morning, leaving three people dead and four injured, police said. Howard County Police Chief Bill McMahon told reporters that the shooter apparently shot two people before shooting himself in a store on the second floor. The motive was unclear. Police entered the mall and found three people dead, including one person who was found near a gun and ammunition. There was no indication of additional shots being fired. The scene was secure shortly before 1 p.m., police said. “Think about this, on a Saturday afternoon at the mall, how many people may be in there,” McMahon said at a press conference as mall customers and employees were still being evacuated.
Watch this video“Something like this happens and people run in many directions, and they also do what we train them to do — to shelter in place.” A federal official briefed on the shooting told CNN preliminary information indicates the shooting may have been related to a domestic dispute. Four people from the mall were transported to Howard County General Hospital, a hospital spokeswoman said in a statement. They were in good condition. One patient was a shooting victim, the others suffered injuries after the shooting. McMahon said one person had a seizure, another a sprained ankle. Mall employees told CNN the gunfire erupted near a second-floor food court in the late morning, sending shoppers and workers running for cover.


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