A Fox becomes latest to freeze solid in Scandinavia’s lakes, following fish and moose

Not saying much now: The fox was found frozen solid in the ice on a lake in southern Sweden
A fox has become the latest victims to the freezing temperatures on Scandinavia’s waters as it was found frozen solid in a lake in southern Sweden. The animal was discovered by a skater on Lake Bunn, near Jönköping, who originally thought it was a piece of foam rubber, but found the poor fox dead in the ice with its head just above the surface. It follows recent ‘animal ice deaths’ in Scandinavia, where an entire shoal of fish were photographed off the coast of Norway just days after a moose had suffered the same fate.  Jeffer Sandström, 26, said: ‘From what I could see the ice had obviously cracked and the fox had fallen through the hole.
Frozen: The animal was found frozen solid in the middle of the water near Bodo in northern Norway with just its antlers and back visible above the iceUnable to get out after scrabbling around it must have tried to swim under the ice in a last-ditch effort to save itself and then probably suffocated.’ He said: ‘I’d been unsure myself as to whether skating on a lake here in Jönköping was a good idea.  ‘Temperatures had been below zero for several days though, so in the end I figured it was strong enough for a skate. I guessed the ice was likely between three and five centimetres thick.’ ‘I skated fairly close by and saw it out of the corner of my eye and thought someone had thrown foam rubber of something into the water, and then I saw it was a fox,’ Jeffer told Aftonbladet. ‘It was totally frozen, the whiskers were sticking up above the surface.’ More




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