In the Central African Republic,  human rights groups and the United Nations estimate more than 2,000 people have been killed in sectarian violence that began, analysts say, when a Muslim faction took control of the majority-Christian country.  Speaking through the Christian group Open Doors USA, a pastor who identifies himself as Noel believes the central African nation is seeing the early signs of genocide. “In 20 years of my service to God, I have never seen such trials as these. Since the (Muslim) Seleka (faction] came to the country, even the Muslims with whom we have always lived in peace have turned against us. They are now aggressive toward us,” Noel said.
“These rebels are raping our daughters and murdering our people. We know of cases where people have been locked in their homes and burned alive. Everyone trying to escape was shot dead.” Muslims make up about 15 percent of the country’s population and are generally concentrated in the north. International Christian Concern Africa specialist William Stark says the conflict “seems to be continually deteriorating into religiously motivated civil war.” Journalists, aid organizations and military analysts agree. In March 2013, a coalition of Muslim groups formed the Seleka group, which took control of the country through military force. Military intelligence think tank Blogs of War, a group that reports from the world’s war zones, tweeted: “Burnt bodies dumped in Central African Republic’s capital: Red Cross.” More




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