Mark of the Beast for your feast? Microchipped food texts you when it spoils

foodTechnology continues to improve our lives, but as we’ve often reported here at Natural News, technology – the Technology Age, for lack of a better term – is also a double-edged sword. Consider new technology that essentially allows your food to notify you when it is spoiled. No, we’re not making that up. Some analysts wonder if it is akin to the mark of the beast for your dinner table. As reported by Britain’s The TelegraphComputer chips in futuristic food packaging could warn consumers when their food is about to go off, it has been reported. Scientists have developed the gadget that can be inserted into packets of perishable foods, which will be able to assess when the contents are nearing their use-by date, an EU committee of peers has heard. In a separate report, Britain’s Daily Mail said the technology would enable your food to – get this – text you when it is approaching its shelf life: If you have trouble deciding what to have for dinner, help could soon be at hand – with your food texting to tell you it needs eating. Scientists have developed a computer chip that can be inserted into food packaging and is able to assess when the contents are nearing their use-by date. More


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4 Responses to Mark of the Beast for your feast? Microchipped food texts you when it spoils

  1. I thought that was what expiration dates were for on the labels. We must consider cost of microchipping on many levels. Number one being the tracking and tracing of foods bought and by whom. For example, inner city, poor socioeconomic areas might purchase something at high rates and in knowing that information, could “someone” send out tainted products? If so, could they monitor the result of consuming them? There are very few things that are monitored with lot numbers, like vaccines…you may ask yourself why? Someone wants to know the outcomes of those receiving them. Microchips could be programmed in many ways to do many things.

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  3. Carrie says:

    I think a microchip infood packaging is a good idea, it will help cut down food posining in homes and restraunts, it will take the guess work out of wondering if a food is still good or not!

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