Nebraska’s Atheist Lawmaker Introduces Bill to Revoke Church Property Tax Exemption

Nebraska State Senator Ernie Chambers District 11An atheist lawmaker in Nebraska has proposed a bill that seeks to revoke property tax exemptions for religious organizations in the state, including churches. Senator Ernie Chambers (D-Omaha) introduced the legislation before the Nebraska Revenue Committee on Friday, explaining that he believes the proposal would help ease the tax burden on Nebraska residents. “The purpose of LB 675 is to help the state gain more revenue, rather than less, by taking away churches’ property tax exemptions,” his Statement of Intent reads. “If taxes were paid on the many churches and cathedrals and temples in every city in this state, perhaps the state’s assistance to local governments and schools would be diminished considerably—leaving more in state coffers for other purposes.” Chambers also asserted that Jesus would want churches to pay property taxes, noting that Christ once advised to “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s.” “This bill simply carries out what Jesus wanted to see his followers do,” Chambers stated during the hearing before the Revenue Committee. But Senator Beau McCoy (R-Omaha) pointed out that the Book of Erza specifically exempts churches from taxation. “You are also to know that you have no authority to impose taxes, tribute or duty on any of the priests, Levites, musicians, gatekeepers, temple servants or other workers at this house of God,” he said. More


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  2. Jennifer rogers says:

    Does he mean the book of Ezra? Erza? What Bible does the Senator read?

  3. Richard M Nixon (Deceased) says:

    Reblogged this on Dead Citizen's Rights Society.

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