Turkish prime minister delivers speech as a 10-foot hologram

Hi-tech: Prime minister Erdogan appears to crowds in Izmir
The prime minister of Turkey embraced new technology this week by addressing a rally via hologram. Recep Tayyip Erdogan recorded the message in advance, which was beamed to an audience of thousands and a political gathering on Sunday. Mr Erdogan turned to the technology, famously deployed to bring rapper Tupac to the stage years after his death, because he was too far away to make the journey to Izmir in western Turkey. The message had been recorded in advance against a green-screen by technology company Polyvision. Mr Erdogan used his remote address to encourage his supporters ahead of a round of elections. According to Breitbart, he also warned of ‘treasonous networks’ working against him. He told the crowd: ‘We are going to the elections in the shadow of attacks prepared by treasonous networks. I urge all my mayoral candidates to not waste any of their time.’ However, despite the obvious spectacle of Mr Edrogan’s delivery, he is not the world leader in holographic political speeches. In 2012 Narendra Modi, an Indian opposition leader, used hologram technology to broadcast himself to 26 different audiences at once. He said this was a demonstration of India’s technological prowess. More



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