DAYS OF LOT – Street preacher arrested in Scotland for condemning homosexuality

Tony Miano, an American evangelical street preacher and former policeman, must be getting used to being arrested for his beliefs in Britain. Miano was arrested January 8th, in Dundee, Scotland, and remanded in custody to appear before Dundee Sheriff Court the next day. Charged with a public order offence and held for nearly 30 hours, Miano was allowed to return to the US on the condition that he returns to the court in April. A spokesman for the legal advocacy group Christian Concern told that the situation of street preachers being arrested is getting out of hand, with police making what are, essentially, arbitrary arrests.  Garry Selfridge, spokesman for Christian Concern said that the Dundee court “is being a little pathetic and backward” in allowing the proceedings to move forward. “There is an overall blanket of political correctness that cloaks the whole establishment in the UK, so the police are not well advised or well trained to deal with such situations,” he said. He was emphatic that Mr. Miano had not preached against particular people or about the nature of the homosexual inclination, “being gay,” but only against “homosexual activity.” But in modern Britain, he added, the mere mention that homosexual practice might be regarded in the Bible as sinful is now regarded as reason enough for police to make an arrest. Following a centuries-old custom among British evangelicals, Miano was on a preaching tour of Scotland in early January and was speaking in the central shopping area of Dundee, when he was arrested for causing a “disturbance”.  More


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  2. Political correctness is the weapon of choice of all the minority groups in the UK.
    It is also the weapon the UK government use to force multiculturalism and anti Christian values onto the masses.

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