Catastrophic Storm rages towards UK bringing 150MPH killer winds, rain and snow

A4183 Winter Storm  England
The entire country faces at least three days of torrential downpours, savage 150mph gales and weeks of relentless flood misery. Storm Brigid is expected to hit UK shores in the early hours of tomorrow before the full force of the onslaught rips into the country on Saturday. Experts say it threatens to cause destruction on a par with the ferocious October St Jude’s Day Storm and subsequent Storm Emily which hit in December. It came as figures show some areas of England have already had their wettest January since records began. The Met Office said much of the south and Midlands already had twice the average rainfall for January by midnight on Tuesday – with three days still left in the month.
Several inches of rain are likely to fall in a matter of hours through the next few days, sealing the record for England’s wettest winter in history. So far eight inches of rain have fallen since the beginning of December, with just eight more needed to beat the 1914/15 record of 16. Officials have warned Britain will be crippled by frenzied winds capable of up ripping trees and tearing roof slates from buildings. Rivers already close to overflowing are likely to burst their banks sparking a torrent of flood warnings and alerts across the nation. Forecasters have warned a run of storms are lined up in the Atlantic threatening torrential rain and gales for at least a week. Swathes of the country have been left under inches of water after heavy and relentless rain which has held out for weeks. Government forecasters have issued a raft of severe weather warnings for rain today and tomorrow across the south with more than an inch expected. More
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  1. John Paily says:

    This will be norms of the days to come. At last science is awakening to the fact that we [life] are going to be destroyed by double edged sword of sudden peak and fall of temperature. I have been calling attention to the Principle and Design on which nature functions to sustain the temperature on earth and how we humans are interfering into earth’s functioning and inviting destruction.

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