Frothing Panic On School Bus Over ‘Power Ranger’ Toy Gun

It’s been at least a week since someone had a blind panic over something vaguely resembling a gun, so here we go again. A school bus driver in Auburn, Maine, stopped his vehicle and immediately called police after over hearing a student on board say the word “rifle”. The driver, from Sherwood Heights Elementary School, opted to call in the cops rather than question the child himself.  When the Auburn police arrived, they discovered a toy ‘Power Rangers’ gun inside the backpack of one of the students, according to Superintendent Katy Grondin, who added that the boy was not removed from the bus as he was getting off at the next stop anyway. “Police spoke to the boy and said he can’t bring that to school,” Grondin said. The cops didn’t confiscate the toy, but the boy will face a meeting with teachers and his parents where his punishment will be debated. Referring to the school’s policy on weapons, the Superintendent stated that it prohibits “anything that could be perceived as real. We tell students, ‘To you it’s a toy, but it’s not appropriate.’” Grondin said, adding that “Parents need to be mindful to review what might be going in backpacks before school.” One parent interviewed by reporters covering the incident stated “I don’t think toy guns should be anywhere… Parents should be checking the backs. I know we do.” This incident is the latest in a long line of overreactions in schools to anything remotely considered gun like. More


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