Skousen: Why North Korea is The Trigger

Joel Skousen breaks down why Iran is being allowed to continue on its nuclear quest. Why North Korea is being allowed to maintain its present totalitarian regime and what will happen when all of these triggers start to be activated. Skousen predicts an all out thermal nuclear war and the human remnant which will rebuild thereafter. He even discusses Safer Places from his book. Another great interview with Joel Skousen.


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3 Responses to Skousen: Why North Korea is The Trigger

  1. stella says:

    We are living in the most exciting of times and the most scary of times. As joyful as these wars and roomers of wars are (because Jesus is coming), we need to be right in the palm of our fathers hand. The Body of Christ needs to spread the Good News and get ready! The Lord has impressed on us to get our home in order and we are doing so. Get you oil lamps full and keep them full. Do not stick you heads in the sand and think the body wont be effected by these things. Get into prayer and be ready in due season for what when and where the Lord should do or move you.

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