Assad stockpiling chemical weapons as ‘insurance policy’

Embattled Syrian leader Bashar Assad is stockpiling weapons of mass destruction rather than handing over them as agreed last summer, the Sunday Times reported, quoting Israeli and Russian sources. The report cites the sources as saying that the WMDs, which include chemical and biological weapons, are being upgraded with North Korean and Iranian assistance, and are believed by the Israelis to be located in Western Syria, in “the heartland of his Alawite sect”. They are to serve, the paper said, “as an insurance policy in case (Assad’s) country is eventually partitioned.” This area where the weapons are stored, according to the report, includes the coastal region around the port city of Latakia, which last week was bombed in an attack that Palestinian sources said had been carried out by Israel. The report also quotes a source in Israeli military intelligence as saying that, “This region is now totally fortified and isolated from the rest of Syria”. More


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3 Responses to Assad stockpiling chemical weapons as ‘insurance policy’

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  3. ex Aussie says:

    I would not have expected anything less than this from that man – who has proven over and over to be a liar. How come the government, of the USA, not have seen this coming. Of course they did.
    Surely they are not that stupid – or are they. Take Kerry for example – no, on second thoughts let’s not.
    Answer to the problem is to go and bomb the area where they have this stuff hidden and that will solve the problem. No one seems to have the intestinal fortitude to do the right thing these days.
    Get your President out and elect someone who cares – perhaps a women – someone like the “Iron Lady” who straightened England’s mess as I recall.

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