Christian Automotive Dealership Seeks Exemption from Obamacare Abortion Pill Mandate

Car Dealership pdHASTINGS, Minn. – Attorneys with a nationally-recognized Christian legal group have filed a lawsuit on behalf of a car dealership in Minnesota that is seeking an exemption from what has become known as the abortion pill mandate in Obamacare. The Liberty Institute of Plano, Texas filed the suit on Wednesday on behalf of Hastings Automotive, Inc. and Hastings Chrysler Center, along with their owner, Doug Erickson, who is a Christian. The organization notes that Erickson’s beliefs as a Christian prevent him from being involved in acts that destroy human life. “Plaintiffs base their challenge on their sincerely held religious belief that life begins at conception and certain of the FDA-approved contraceptive methods, such as emergency contraceptives Plan B and ella, as well as certain intrauterine devices (‘IUDs’), can destroy a human embryo,” the federal complaint outlines. “Plaintiffs believe that it is immoral and sinful for them to provide a group health plan that includes coverage for such contraceptive methods.” The lawsuit also outlines Erickson’s testimony as a businessman whose first commitment is to Jesus Christ. “Erickson characterizes the work he does through the dealerships as ‘marketplace ministry,’ by which he seeks to serve Christ first and foremost and show the light of Christ to those with whom he comes in contact, such as customers and employees,” it explains. “Since Erickson dedicated the dealerships to Christ, Plaintiffs have seen a marked improvement in customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and business performance.” More


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