Japanese radio host told to keep silent on Fukushima radiation, resigns

TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power PlantA commentator for the morning show on the Radio 1 Japanese radio station resigned after he had been asked not to speak about nuclear power and the problems at the Fukushima plant before the end of the gubernatorial race. The company says that they simply wanted to present several points of view on the air. Professor of Economics at the University of Toyo in Tokyo, Toru Nakakita who regularly provides commentary for the radio station, says that he was asked to change the topic of the speech he had prepared for the upcoming live broadcast after he had shown its sketches to the show managers. After reading his text, the director of the program asked the professor to wait with the subject of the nuclear power until the gubernatorial race is over, “because it will affect the opinion of the audience during the voting,” Nakakita quotes the director of the program. In his commentary, the economist intended to discuss the fact that the cost of decommissioning of Japanese nuclear power plants reflects inadequately on the balance sheets of public utility companies. Moreover, he planned to tell about growing operating costs of nuclear power around the world, in the light of the recent surge in insurance premiums and security costs. More


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