Kansas to Maine: Snowstorm to Impact More Than 100 Million

A major winter storm with heavy snow, ice and a wintry mix will reach from the central Plains to the Midwest and Northeast spanning Tuesday night and Wednesday. It will hit barely after some people had time to dig out from two prior storms in the Midwest and the Monday storm in the Northeast. By the time the storm has ended it will have directly affected more than two dozen states and at least 100 million people with snow and/or ice. Travel delays and disruptions to daily activities are likely. The storm will hit especially swiftly and hard over part of the central Appalachians to New England. More than 1,700 flights were canceled and another 4,100 flights were delayed as a result of the winter storm.  The storm has the potential to drop 13 inches or more of snow on portions of Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. In part of the Northeast, the bulk of the snow will fall in six hours or less. Some areas are expected to see more than a foot of snow from northeastern Pennsylvania to southern New Hampshire.  The storm was hitting Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa and Illinois Tuesday. There is a long list of major cities that can receive enough snow to shovel and plow. These include Kansas City, Mo.; St. Louis; Chicago; Indianapolis; Cleveland; Detroit; Boston; Scranton, Pa.; Hartford, Conn.; and Buffalo, N.Y. Accumulating snow will also fall on the Canada cities of Toronto, Montreal and St. John, New Brunswick. A long stretch of the I-70, I-80 and I-81 corridors will be hit by the storm as it rolls northeastward.


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