Storms Continue to Batter UK and Ireland

Following a stormy weekend and Monday across much of the United Kingdom and Ireland, several additional storms will impact the region this week. The next storm will arrive on Tuesday afternoon in southern Ireland and southwest England before spreading across the remainder or Ireland and the United Kingdom on Tuesday night with another round of strong to locally damaging winds and downpours. Rainfall will average 12-25 mm (0.50-1.00 inch) across the entire region with local amounts up to 50 mm (2 inches). Wind gusts of 65-80 kph (40-50 mph) will be common with locally higher gusts, especially near south- and west-facing coastal areas. As the stormy pattern continues for northern Europe, flooding will again be a concern for much of the week. Rainfall for London in January was nearly 300 percent of normal, or 5.97 inches (15.2 cm). The continued threats for rainfall will lead to potential flooding problems over the entire region.  A quick-hitting storm will take a more southerly track on Thursday, leading to a chilly rain on Thursday afternoon into Thursday night across Wales and England. Rainfall will average 10-20 mm (0.40-0.80 inch) from this event. Yet another storm will approach from the Atlantic Ocean on Friday, delivering a shot of rainfall and strong winds across the entire region on Friday night into Saturday. Once again Ireland and all of the United Kingdom will be at risk for localized flooding problems as rainfall up to 30 mm (1.18 inches). Strong winds will batter the region with sustained winds over 65 kph (40 mph) at times along with gusts upwards of 95 kph (60 mph). More



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