Chinese media claims that Japan has plans to force down Chinese jets

Chinese media says that, according to Sankei Shimbun’s report on January 29, the Japanese Air Self-defence Force announced on January 28 plans to deal with the frequent intrusion into Japan’s Air Defence Identification Zone and coming close to the air space above the Senkakus (known as Diaoyus in China) by Chinese military aircraft. It says Japan will begin to prepare an operation manual focusing on such urgent issues as making it more pragmatic to force down Chinese aircraft and amending the authorisation to use weapons. The report says on December 13, 2012, a Chinese marine surveillance aircraft successfully entered the air space above the Senkaku (Diaoyu) Islands to claim sovereignty but was not discovered by Japanese radar. Later Japan began its plan to draft a related operation manual. It is said that pilots of Japanese Air Self-defence Force only have the authorisation to fire warning shots or give forced landing order to incoming aircraft. However, it has only ever fired warning shots at an aircraft of the former Soviet Union in 1987, but has never carried out any measure to force down a foreign aircraft. According to the report, the manual will provide the methods and steps to force another country’s military aircraft to land in Japan, especially the way to intercept China’s J-10 or Y-8, force it down and arrest its pilot. The manual also provides the way to arrest the pilot on the sea if he leaves his aircraft with a parachute. According to the report, the Japanese Defence Ministry holds that firing laser shot at intruding aircraft cannot put an end to Chinese fighter jets’ frequent intrusion into Japanese air space; therefore, it is necessary to draw up a more severe and pragmatic plan to force them down. More


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