Chinese warships ‘deterrent’ against US military buildup

download (15)A Chinese plan for building several aircraft carriers is “a prudent course of action” which would serve as a deterrent against US military adventurism in the Asia-Pacific region, an analyst says. “It’s [the question of] what the aircraft carriers mean. Are they meant offensively or are they meant in a deterrence role? This something is preventing the outbreak of war and it’s a good thing and in China’s situation it finds itself encircled by US bases and in a territorial dispute with some neighbors so it seems a prudent course of action,” co-editor of Dissident Voice Kim Petersen told Press TV on Wednesday. “China right now is looking at doubling its aircraft carrier fleet to two which would be exactly the same as Japan and it would be many less than the amount that the US has. Given that the US has 10 aircraft carriers it should have nothing to complain about,” he added. Last month, Beijing announced plans for building several more warships after it launched its first aircraft carrier, Liaoning in Dalian, two years ago. Military experts say the United States Navy is concerned that China is accelerating the construction of its second aircraft carrier, according to Stars and Stripes. “For decades, the US Navy has controlled the world’s waterways, in both size and strength. But China appears to be preparing to challenge US supremacy by accelerating the construction of a second aircraft carrier,” the report said. According to US naval commanders, China is building a “blue-water navy” capable of sustained operations across oceans and projecting power far from home. Press TV


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