PROPHETIC UPDATE: February 5, 2014



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  1. Scott Franks says:

    We had Word from God at our church Sunday before last . It was ( every jot and tittle of My Word will come to pass , I’m going to shake the foundation and I come quickly ). When this interpretation was given I felt the fear of The Lord . Also during prayer time I always open my bible and 3 times in row on different Sundays the first scripture I read was (pray for peace in Jerusalem). Lord Bless You !!!

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    October 14, 2013
    By Prophet David P. Ward

    I write to you today from my heart and send Our love and greetings. This morning in my prayer time I posted some prophetic events on Facebook that I believe are coming into the earth. About an hour later, I decided to take it down and pray more about what I needed to share and to whom I would share it with.

    I shared with my wife, Miss Vonda, about what I was seeing, and then decided it was time to send this to those closest to us. I know many of you have told me and sense the changes that are happening so quickly in Our Government, and around the world. Since we have over 2,000 fb friends, I believe the Lord showed me to react the way Jesus did when He had some things to share with His disciples that the multitudes were not ready for. Jesus went way up into the mountain (Matthew 5) where only His closest Disciples would venture. Thus, here we are with this email to you, Our closest friends and partners.

    I will be brief and to the point as much as possible:

    As the Lord said to me this morning, some of these prophetic future events I have already posted on Our ministry website. I must speak this to you as there is a timeline of events that will take place that only Our Heavenly Father is aware of; but the Scripture says, “we know in part, and prophesy in part.”

    Something major is about to happen. There is a catastrophic event about to take place on the North American continent. These are the HOT SPOTS right now in the Spirit I perceive to be in front of us:

    NEW YORK CITY/ NEW JERSEY: It could be another 9/11, an earthquake, a major storm, or shooting.
    WASHINGTON D.C. I see the monuments shaking. The Lincoln Memorial crumbles from an earthquake. A SPIRIT OF LAWLESSNESS comes to the grounds of the White House.
    The ECONOMIC COLLAPSE that will be worse than the GREAT DEPRESSION is about to happen. I shared with many of you that your Stocks, Bonds, & IRA accounts are at a severe risk. I told you by the Spirit of God to remove your 401K’s immediately this past Summer.

    THE MADRID FAULT LINE ERUPTS. The Mississippi River runs backwards for days. Massive flooding & whole Towns are swallowed.

    LOS ANGELES & HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA. A powerful earthquake will rattle the Los Angeles Skyline & also the Hollywood Movie Industry.

    CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA A powerful Super storm/Hurricane.

    YELLOWSTONE/MT. ST. HELEN A volcanic eruption of great force.

    AN ASSASINATION ATTEMPT. This will cause some major rioting in large Metropolitan areas across America. Rioting, lootings, where people will be afraid to leave their homes. This will be a major event where people will be afraid to leave their homes. Food and water will become an issue in the future when these things begin to happen. Don’t wait for the catastrophe. I see shelves empty in grocery stores across America.

    Israel will make a major military offensive against Iran & also Damascus, Syria & Israel’s surrounding neighbors that have vowed to destroy Her (Psalm 83, Isaiah 17). There will be two separate events, but both will lead us to the days of the Ezekiel 38 War.

    Japan, Greece, the Northern part of South America, and Indonesia are HOT SPOTS for catastrophic earthquakes & volcano eruptions.

    10/22/2013 The Glorious Church is awakening. Along with a great persecution of God’s people, there will be an anointing on His people with signs & wonders on the increase. This time we r living in is what the Bible calls, THE FORMER & THE LATTER RAIN..

    Embrace Psalm 91. Read it to your Children until they can quote it to you. Have family devotions about how the Angels are here and ready to protect them. Stay connected or get connected to a prophetic Pastor and Church. This is an hour to be a part of a supernatural local church.


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