DEVELOPING: City investigating illegal chemicals dumped into Charlotte’s water sewer system

CMPD investigating illegal dumping into Charlotte's water sewer system
— The city of Charlotte is asking for the public’s help to try and find the person who illegally dumped chemicals into Mallard Creek. Officials held a media briefing Friday morning to share details on the investigation into the illegal dumping. City Manager Ron Carlee, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities Director Barry Gullet, CFD Hazmat Deputy Jeff Dulin and CMPD Detective Rob Klass were in attendance. Officials said that on Thursday, CFD hazmat crews responded to reports of an unusual substance flowing into the Mallard Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant on U.S. 29 North. An oily sheen could be seen on the surface of the water. The flow was contained in a holding tank until it was determined that it was safe to return the plant for service. The plant was back online Friday morning. Chopper 9 flew over the Mallard Creek Wastewater Plant Thursday while hazmat crews were investigating. The chemical has been identified as polychlorinated biphenyls — or PCBs — and other organic chemicals. Officials said the city’s water supply has not been affected by the illegal dumping and that this was an isolated incident in Mallard Creek. Police think this is a case of illegal and deliberate dumping. They are asking anyone who may have seen anything suspicious late Wednesday evening or early Thursday morning along Sugar Creek Road and W.T. Harris Boulevard to call police. More


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