DEVELOPING: FAA Investigating Possible Illegal Use of Drone at Hartford Crash Scene

downloadThe Federal Aviation Administration confirmed to Fox Connecticut News, Thursday, they are investigating the use of a drone at a Hartford fatal crash scene Saturday. Questions about officer safety and public privacy are emerging now, after the drone was spotted above a fatal car crash on Main Street. Fox Connecticut was the only media organization to obtain the official Hartford Police Department incident report Thursday, detailing the chain of events. According to the report, officers spotted a drone flying over the scene of the crash, in which the bodies were still in the car. Police Lt. Brian Foley told Fox CT that drones present concerns regarding privacy and officer safety. Drones, which are also known as “unmanned aircraft systems,” are seeing an uptick in popularity as they’re used by the U.S. government and are even the subject of plans by online retailer for use shipping products. But now, the drone controversy emerging in Hartford has the FAA on alert because its use may have been illegal. The police report says that on Saturday Feb. 1, officers spotted the drone overhead with an attached camera. Police say they questioned the man operating the drone, but no arrest was made. On Thursday, Hartford Police referred Fox CT News to the FAA for comment. The FAA declined to comment but did confirm it has launched an investigation. “Drones, not being helicopters, they’re much smaller, can have access to aerial places that traditional helicopters and airplanes do not,” says Hartford Attorney Corey Brinson. Brison, who grew up in Hartford and works in the Capital City now as a lawyer, says he’s also concerned about possible privacy violations stemming from drone use at crime and crash scenes. More


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