LOSING A GENERATION – Stunning New Poll shows ignorance of Bible in Children.

Almost one in three Britons didn't know the where the story of the birth of Jesus could be found
Millions of children are growing up unaware that stories such as the Nativity or the tale of David and Goliath come from the Bible – because it is being shunned in schools and homes. Almost one in three Britons didn’t know the where the story of the birth of Jesus could be found, despite being asked just after Christmas. This rose to 36 per cent for the tale of the Good Samaritan and 41 per cent for Samson and Delilah. Nearly two-thirds – 59 per cent – had no idea the stories of David and Goliath and Jonah and the Whale were from the Bible.  Yet one in ten thought the stories of King Midas and Icarus – both from classical Greek myth rather than the Bible – appeared in the Old or New Testament. The Bible Society, which commissioned the report, said the statistics were ‘symptomatic of the fact that many children indicate they have never read, seen or ever heard these stories’. Some 54 per cent of children were never read Bible stories by adults, it found. Yet 86 per cent of parents said they had been regularly told about key passages when they were growing up. The growing indifference to the scriptures echoes the shrinking congregations reported by the Church of England. More



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