NATURAL OR DIVINE? Weather weary nation asks why such a nasty winter

Weather weary nation asks why such a nasty winterCold and snow keep battering the Midwest and East, and even Atlanta was temporarily paralyzed. California has been bone dry. Alaska set heat records. The wild winter somehow became even more wicked Thursday morning when the national average temperature plunged to a brutal 11 degrees — the lowest temperature of a season of extreme. A weather weary nation asks a simple question: Why? The answer is the jet stream, the river of air that dictates our weather. Normally the jet stream stays in Canada or the northern U.S., going west to east in a somewhat straight line. But this winter it has plunged south, creating high pressure ridges and low pressure troughs and taking cold polar air south and east and leaving warm, dry weather to the west. “We are having an unusual jet stream that’s giving us crazy cold weather in the East and the ridiculously resilient ridge as it’s called in California,” said Weather Underground meteorology director Jeff Masters. Why is the jet stream doing this? There are three different forces probably at work here, but scientists still need to do more research, said Derek Arndt, of the National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, N.C. One is just the random natural variability of daily weather. Another is a mid-length weather feature called the Pacific Decadal Oscillation — think of it as a cousin of El Nino — that warms the northern Pacific and helps push the jet stream south. And finally, a new and controversial theory is that a warmer Arctic region and shrinking summer sea ice from man-made global warming has shifted jet stream patterns, making it wavier and bringing more unpredictable weather. More


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  1. Because God has a marvelous sense of justice . . . directed at those who lie to the ignorant of the world that “Global Warming exists and is caused by man.” Knowing how that sounds, I apologize – but it was irresistible. Having said that, I would like to point out that these same liars lie about historical records. All one has to do is to live as long as I have (almost 62 years), and remember all the natural cycles from cold scares to hot scares to cold scares etc. One summer in high school it didn’t rain for 3 months and the temperatures went over the century mark daily . . . a few years later in my adult life the ice storms in the deep south were awesome!!! I especially remember a specific ice storm sometime in my thirties in Shreveport when I was one of a smaller percentage of people who owned a cell phone . . . I spent half my day in my Suburban driving ten miles an hour to find all the people stranded in ditches that I could call in help for. The very first car I came across had a woman, her baby, and two toddlers in her car. She said to me, “I just don’t understand how we wound up in this ditch, I slowed down to the speed limit.” The road was a sheet of ice. I rest my case for how ignorant much of the world is.

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