Hundreds of dolphins and whales die in horrific traditional slaughter

Animal rights activists worldwide are fighting passionately to stop the horrific and inexplicable slaughter of dolphins and whales in the Faroe Islands, Denmark, an ancient tradition that has long lost its meaning. In late January of this year the images of the slaughter of hundreds of dolphins trapped in a bay on the Japanese island of Honshu triggered a controversy worldwide. However, few know that every year in a small archipelago in the North Atlantic is carried out the bloody festival called ‘grindadráp’ in the killing of the most brutal and cruel way to nearly a thousand pilot whales and dolphins or whales. The show starts death at sea, where players vie for whales and dolphins and then lead by boats and bikes to the coast, where the animals arrive terrified at bay. Once there, they are dragged into the shallows, being caught with a hook by the nasal trade. Then cut off their heads, so bled animals die in agony, turning the waters of the Bay of deep red. Participants in traditional barbarism make no exceptions and exterminate entire families: pregnant whales, mothers and offspring, none is saved from a terrible and agonizing death.


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