PA minister: Western Wall must be under our rule

PA Minister of Religious Affairs Mahmoud al-Habash (Photo credit: Issam Rinawi/FLASH90)
The Palestinian Authority’s Religious Affairs Minister said Jerusalem’s Western Wall, the holiest site in Judaism outside the Temple Mount, must be brought under Palestinian sovereignty in any peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians. In an interview with Channel 10 News, Mahmoud al-Habash said “every inch” of territory captured by Israel in 1967’s Six Day War is Palestinian land and must be given to the Palestinians.  “Every piece of land Israel occupied in 1967 belongs to the Palestinian state,” al-Habash said. “The Buraq Wall too will be under Palestinian sovereignty,” he said, using the Muslim name for the wall. Al-Habash added that Jewish worshippers would be allowed to pray at the wall without limitations. “No problem,” he said. “There will be no restrictions on freedom of religion.” Meanwhile Palestinian officials expressed pessimistic views on the state of peace negotiations, with one unnamed top PA official telling channel 10 “a chasm separates the two sides.” More


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