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I want to make available this very informative and exciting 2 Part Series to those who would like to know more on how Signs from the Heavens are once again happening preparing us for coming Wars, Prophetic Events and the Soon Return of the Lord Jesus Christ. You will learn the important significance of the coming Tetrad of 4 Blood Moons along with other Cosmic Signs in the Heavens.  This is Part One of a Two Part message that will take you in to the Past, Present and Future regarding Cosmic Signs from Heaven and Prophetic Connections. On Part 2 of this Series I will illustrate how we are seeing repeated signs in the Heavens and on Earth that took place prior to major Empire transitions, War and Coming Judgment. To view a Free Preview and Order details click HERE

An in depth look at compelling evidence compiled from The New Testament and Parallel Pictures from the Old Testament along with Jewish Tradition of a “Gathering Together” or Departure of the Church from the coming Wrath to come of the Tribulation mentioned by many of the Old Testament Prophets of the Bible being poured out upon the Earth in the “Last Days”. This message is filled with Scriptures to present what you need to know on this subject. To view a Free Preview and Order details click HERE

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This message is a must have and will show stunning parallels and connections with recent disasters such as Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy, Tornadoes and many other calamities that were connected to Governmental and National Policies involving direct defiance of God’s Word thru Judicial decisions and the attempted Division of Israel. You will discover how we are repeating events that occurred during the time of the destruction of the Ancient cities of Sodom n Gomorrah in the Bible. This is a stunning and eye opening message to the Covenant and Authority of God’s Word.  To view a Free Preview and Order details click HERE
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In this 2 Hour DVD You will discover how in times past God revealed Prophetic Events of the Future thru Visions and Dreams revealing Warnings of Major Wars, Famines and Disasters. You will also discover how prior to the first appearance of the Messiah the Lord spoke thru Men and Women of God revealing his soon arrival. Are we witnessing a repeat in these Last Days of “Prophetic Warnings” and Revelations of the Soon Return of the Lord, Future Famines, Wars and Disasters? Discover how multiple Men and Women of God are experiencing similar Dreams and Visions giving dire warnings to the people in what could be our Final Hour! This message is only available on DVD and will not be made available to the General Public due sensitive Material. For Order Details and a Free Preview click HERE

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In this in-depth message you will discover how recent Events happening Globally regarding Strange and Destructive Weather, Global Unrest and the Sifting of the Body of Christ is preparing the Church for her Final Hour! Discover remarkable Patterns of History regarding tragic Events and Persecution that led to extraordinary Growth and Power in the Church. You will also see the blueprints of the Roman Empire revealed in America and how Christians could soon be setup to be greatly Persecuted under Tyranny. For Order Details and a Free Preview click HERE

ripped-flag_1904090i copyIn this startling Message you will Discover how America is climaxing a Dangerous 40 Year Cycle of Bloodshed and Unbelief and reaching the fullness of it’s time as an Empire. You will see stunning parallels of 40 Year Cycles and the disastrous outcomes of Nations who continued in unbelief and rebellion of God Almighty’s Holy Word, And How America is shadowing the Blueprints of an ancient Empire that was the mightiest in History but fell thru the same sins that America is continuing in. You will see how Harbingers are appearing on Earth and from Heaven at the pinnacle of this Cycle. You will also discover how the month of October has a nasty History for America and the Economy. This message is now available on DVD or CD. To Obtain your copy just click HERE

hqdefault (2)WARNING: VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED – If you haven’t got your copy of this Eye opening message exposing the truth of the Paranormal and what many call Ghosts please grab a copy to share with Friends, Loved One’s and Co-Workers. This message will dig deep into the True Understanding and Revelation of the fascination with Haunted Houses, Ghosts and the Paranormal. This message removes the Veil and exposes the True Dark side of Hit Television Programs and Popular Movies. This message is crucial to get into the hands of Loved One’s and People who are blind to the Powers of the Enemy. If you would like to obtain a copy just click HERE
Discover how the “Prophetic Events” unfolding before our Eyes leading to the Climax of all things spoken of by the Holy Prophets of the Bible. You will learn about Possible scenarios that could fulfill Isaiah 17 and the Destruction of Damascus. This message deals with many “Prophetic Wars” in the Future and how events are taking place setting the stage for the Fulfillment of these Major Wars in our Lifetimes. Will America defend Israel and will they even exist as an E
mpire in the End? This message is available on CD and DVD. HERE
new-world-order-copy (1)In this message you will Discover how we are witnessing the Rise of the New World Order or what the Bible indicates as the “7th Empire” of Bible Prophecy. America will not always remain the “Superpower” and is already falling from her status of Power paving the Way for the Next Global Empire of Bible Prophecy that will last a “Short Space” followed by the Final Empire “The Kingdom of the Beast” ruled by the Antichrist! You will see how the the groundwork for this was established thousands of years ago and failed before it’s time but will succeed for a short period of time only to be destroyed the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ from Heaven.  This message will be available on CD or DVD Below with a Free Preview HERE
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I want to make Four of the most relevant messages dealing with America and the Nations and the latest “Shaking” of Heaven and Earth available in a 4 DVD Package. These Four messages reveal “Prophetic” Patterns and Cycles dealing with America and Conditions prior to major Judgments upon the Earth. detail description of each message Is below. These Four messages are available on DVD Below and are also sold individually. To Order this Package Click HERE

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Hawaii has now become the 15th U.S State to Legalize “Same Sex” Marriage following the heels of New Jersey and Illinois posed to be next.  will this open the Door for Greater Judgment? Are we already witnessing Selective Judgments by Water and Fire?  Are these “Prophetic” Warnings from the Days of Noah and Lot? You will see stunning events involving 2 major states involving disasters of Water and Fire that transpired during legislations of Same Sex Marriage Proposals. Also you will Discover how on the Jewish Calendar we are entering the Year of the  Door and it’s significance. Discover recent events and the disturbing parallels. This message is available on CD and DVD HERE

Stunning Developments in the Middle East are indicating that Bible Prophecy is accelerating at an alarming rate. The Prophet Zechariah warned that the day would come when Jerusalem would become a Heavy Stone for all the Nations. U.S Secretary of State John Kerry and President Barack Obama along with other World Leaders are pressuring the Nation of Israel to jeopardize their National Security and break one of the Oldest Covenants in history that was established with Abraham. Could this lead to Severe Judgements upon the Nations that come against the “Apple of God’s Eye”? This message is available on DVD HERE

Picture1In this exciting message you will discover the significance of why Jesus stressed to us to “Learn the Parable of the Fig Tree” in Matthew Chapter 24 and how it will be a major “Prophetic Clue” to unlocking the timing of the “Coming of the Lord” and the Climax of all things spoken of by the Prophets of Old. In this message You will Learn details of the Fig Tree and the Israel Connection, The 7 Branches that must come to Bloom to Usher the Coming of the Lord and how Prophetic Patterns, Cosmic Signs and Future Wars indicate a cycle of events leading to “Prophetic” Fulfillments. This message is available on DVD


QIRRD00Z copyIn this message You will discover how America is advancing towards “Divine Judgment” of God Almighty thru what many Old Testament Prophets have warned other Nations in the Past, Thru her attempt to “Divide” Jerusalem and remain in defiance of the Lord’s Commands. In this message you will discover how we could be seeing the same 4 Judgments that struck ancient Israel in times past and how 3 Keys hidden in Ezekiel Chapter 14 could be the tools to endure thru the days ahead. You can Obtain this Message on DVD or CD HERE