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Officials warn China will use EMP against U.S if war escalates over Taiwan disputes

China is likely to mobilize electromagnetic pulse weapons against the United States in any potential war over the Taiwan strait, according to a report prepared by F. Michael Maloof, a retired US defense department official for the WorldNetDaily, a conservative … Continue reading

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China Escalates Tensions with Neighbors producing fears of war in the Pacific

Beijing’s recent establishment of a new air defense zone in the East China Sea is exacerbating long-running disputes with its neighbors Japan and Taiwan — and threatens to draw the US military into a larger regional conflict. If it were only … Continue reading

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Disease and Pestilence Outbreaks Plague Multiple Locations

 Hundreds of chickens destroyed in Taiwan in response to avian influenza outbreak Some 631 chickens were destroyed at one Taiwanese farm in an effort to prevent further spread of an outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza virus (HPAI), according to a … Continue reading

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The Philippines and Taiwan brace for the arrival of Super-Typhoon Jelawat

                  SUPER TYPHOON ALERT: Strengthening of Typhoon Jelawat Monday has boosted the mighty storm’s status to “Super-typhoon.” The powerful and extremely dangerous storm has continued to be of great interest to residents … Continue reading

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